Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I've blogged before about how Braeden comes home and strips down to "just the underwear". While sometimes we get variations on that look. And yesterday he decided he had to take just his shorts off and leave the rest of his clothes on. Weird but cute, right?

I originally intended to take pictures of Gage because he was holding his own bottle and I had never seen him do that before. But of course Braeden, ham that he is, needed to be in the pictures too. I just love his face in this one. He looks soooo calm and sooo sweet.

And here's Gage holding onto his bottle. Impressive, right?

I brought the camera upstairs tonight when Mat finished Gage's bath. I just love this big, soft hooded towel, so I couldn't resist taking a ton of pictures of Gage in it. Of course he was moving in almost all of them. He crawled to the gate and pulled himself up. He was just smiling, smiling, smiling and I needed pictures of it so I sent Mat through the gate to get some. And look what he got!

Then just to cap off the night, one shot of a naked bottom!

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Mareike said...

You have to have the most adorable kids ever. (I'm including my own here.) I LOVE the picture of Braeden and Gage together. Too sweet for words.