Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I promised to post more about Braeden's spelling, and here we go!

I've already told you he can spell mommy, mom, and Bob. He can also spell his name! At first the only time he was spelling his name was when we were snuggling in his bed. Since he has his name on his wall I just figured he was reading the letters, but I covered his eyes and made him spell it again. When he does it he always spells out Braeden Rhys, never just Braeden. :)

He can also spell Dylan, another of his classmates. He hasn't spelled any of his other friends names but he does do something else. He'll tell me that there are two A's in Makena. And one K. Or that Macy has a Y in her name. Or that Matthew has two T's in his name.

Cute, right?

What makes me nuts, though, is that he says Y starts with me meaning his name starts with a Y. I always explain to him that he HAS a Y in his name not that his name STARTS with a Y. But he keeps insisting that his name starts with a Y. He'll get it eventually. I'm just impressed he knows as much as he does!

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Emily said...

that's awesome! Go Bray!