Wednesday, October 29, 2008

These feet were made for walking

If I were you, I would turn the volume down pretty low on your speakers before you watch this video because some of us, and I'm not talking about Mat and Gage, are a little bit loud.

How cool was that??!!

After dinner Braeden and I were sitting in the big chair together watching Dora while Mat gave Gage a bath. I put my foot on his and he kept asking me what it was. It took me a minute to realize he was asking about my sock, my super-soft slipper sock. So I took them off and put them on his feet. He was walking around calling them his boots. He was way too cute in them not to take his picture!

Of course the socks were incredibly slippery! And that just made them more fun.

He never fell down, but he came close!

And he wore them to bed. I might never get my socks back. It's a good thing I've fallen totally in love with these LL Bean socks!! These would make an excellent early Christmas present. **hint, hint, mom**


Emily said...

Go Gage! Go Gage!! Wow! Look at him! I love seeing him walk.

And, of course, Bray is such a ham.

Me-ma said...

I can't believe that baby Gage is pushing that hippo around already! And that he can get himself back up on his feet is amazing -- he is very agile! I know I am slightly prejudiced being a Me-ma and all that, but he truly is very talented!! And Braeden looks cool in those socks too.

Me-ma said...

P-pa watched the hungry hippo video and he's glad it's back in use. Gage looked great!