Thursday, October 2, 2008

The things he says

Here's a cute, quick story about Braeden...I made Mat write this one up because he knows the book and was there to have the conversation with Mat.

So Bray has a book (I think it is called “Giggle Giggle Quack”) that he likes very much and he and I have read it many times. Basically, the story centers on a farmer who goes on vacation and leaves his brother in charge of the farm. The farmer leaves the brother handwritten notes describing how to care for the animals. During the story, the brother is fooled by a crafty barnyard duck, who replaces the farmer’s notes with all sorts of silly instructions of his own design (telling the brother to order pizza for the hens, bathe the pigs in the house tub with the farmer’s special bubble bath, etc.). Anyway, before the farmer leaves for his vacation, he (ominously) tells the brother to “Keep an eye on duck, he’s a bad influence on the cows.” In our hallway, we have a nightlight that Gage is a little obsessed with. He always wants to play with it, and Bray enjoys playing sheriff and yelling at him about not screwing around with it. At one point this weekend, Bray told me to “Keep an eye on Gage, he’s a bad influence on the nightlight.”


Mareike said...

Well that was a laugh out loud moment. Thanks for sharing.

Me-ma said...

I don't know that particular book, but was reliving the book reading about the Punk Farm Animal Book and knowing how Braeden really "gets" things, I can see him becoming absorbed with his duties with the night light!