Sunday, November 9, 2008

Baby's got a new set of wheels

Can you believe it? The challenge is over and I'm still blogging.

Yesterday afternoon we went to Baby Depot to buy a new umbrella stroller. Mom had bought us one three years ago and gave it to us when we met them at Virginia Beach. We brought it with us this October to the beach and Braeden climbed in one day. The stroller broke, so I guess it wasn't meant to carry a 35-pound kid. We really wanted to get a stroller that Braeden could still use but weren't sure we could find one. So it was funny that the first stroller we saw was weight-tested to 40 pounds. Perfect. Especially because we've been talking about taking Braeden to NYC at Christmas and we knew we couldn't do it without a stroller.

Gage played with the wheels while Mat put the stroller together.

Then he got to go for the first ride. You can really see his teeth in that picture. Actually, he's got a third one coming in on the top.

Braeden woke up from his nap and peeked out of our room while I was wheeling Gage around the room. So then I took him for a ride around the house. I wish I had thought to take his time.

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