Monday, November 3, 2008

Back at the beach

Mom sent me a couple really great pictures from the beach this weekend. She's sending me a CD as well, so there's a very good chance you'll see more pictures posted here soon.

This is a really great one of mom with Braeden and Gage. I wanted to say this was taken our first night there, but the room seems too bright. So I guess this was Saturday morning. When the kids go on the Tumblebus, they get a stamp on their hand. Actually, for the last four or five months Braeden has come home with a stamp on each arm. I think they do the stamp on the arm so it will stay longer. For whatever reason he came home that Friday we left for the beach with a stamp on each arm and one on his forehead! (Click on the picture to see it bigger.)

I love that both boys are wearing hats and that everyone is looking at the camera and smiling!

I think this picture of Gage was taken on our last morning at the beach. He's wearing a new Giants outfit from MeMa and P-Pa. A waffle onesie and sweatpants--so cozy.

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