Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Boss sloth

"I'm the biggest sloth that you see says sloth."

Braeden is always repeating stuff he's heard on the radio or TV (whack the badger, Barack Obama, or the Queen song). Lately he's been saying something really weird. And I had to listen to him say it about a hundred times before I could get it straight. I had no idea where he got it from, but Mat was able to fill in the blanks for me.

He's been repeating (in his own garbled way) a line from a rap song he's heard on the radio while driving with Mat. What's the line?

"I'm the biggest boss that you've seen thus far." It's from a song called the The Boss by Rick Ross. A really bad song. A song about some big guy who sells drugs and makes lots of money. If you're really interested, you can watch the video for yourself at youtube. I honestly debated whether or not to even give you the link, that's how bad I think it is.

Braeden's line is much cuter!

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