Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

I met Kay Hagan tonight! Kay is running for the Senate against Elizabeth Dole. I did phone banking for her a couple weeks ago. Anyway, she was on campus tonight encouraging people to vote. When I came out of the university center on my way to the parking deck I saw her and smiled. She smiled and asked if I had voted. I told her I had and that I had voted for her. I also told her about volunteering for her. She thanked me, shook my hand, and asked me my name. It was nice to meet her after spending a few hours making calls for her. And she's so tiny in person.

The kids voted today at school. Barack Obama won. He had Braeden's vote!

One of the times Braeden and I were baking together I let him smell the vanilla and my unsweetened cocoa powder. So after that one time, smelling the vanilla has become one of his favorite things to do when we're working in the kitchen. It's part of the story about how the vanilla got spilled Sunday when we were baking snickerdoodles. So this weekend he started saying he was the flavor man. He had to smell the vanilla, cocoa, and sprinkles (!) because he's the flavor man. He said, "I smell stuff. And I taste stuff." How ridiculous is that?!

Mat and I are watching election coverage tonight. I'll probably post again later since things are certainly going well so far! Oh, and I stopped on my way home from work tonight at Starbucks for my free coffee. Yum.

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