Sunday, November 16, 2008

Holiday Spirit (Early!)

Gage can stand. By himself. I hardly know what to say. He can only do it for a minute or so at a time before he falls forward, has to sit down, or needs to grab onto something. He's so funny when he does it. He plants his feet shoulder width apart and bends a little at the knees when he does it. Adorable.

Aside from how fast (too fast!) he's growing up, Gage is doing great. He seems to be totally over the ear infection, and has just one more day of antibiotics left. He's eating more solids, both at school and at home. Tonight the whole family ate my homemade mac & cheese and peas. So fun.

This morning I got dressed after nursing Gage and putting him down for a nap. I was planning to go out by myself in search of some holiday decorations. When I told Braeden I was going, he very earnestly told me he wanted to go too. And I really couldn't say no. I sort of wanted to just because I was looking forward to moving quickly around Michaels and Pier 1 where stuff is breakable. But I just couldn't say no to that face.

We stopped at Starbucks first. I had a mocha and I ordered a kids hot chocolate for Braeden. He was so excited! There were a few orders ahead of us and the woman making the drinks is really slow, so Braeden was getting impatient. In a cute way, though. Finally she called mine then we watched her finish up his with whipped cream and chocolate sauce on top. We sat together on a bench and drank some of our drinks. He took it all very seriously.

I had a brainstorm as we were getting out of the car at Michaels. I asked him if he wanted to ride in the stroller, and he said yes. Fantastic. I didn't belt him in, but he did ride most of the time. I was looking for pine cones, getting a jump on my Christmas decorating. Unfortunately the only ones to be found had that disgusting fake cinnamon smell. We did find some good stuff, though.

Like a tiny Christmas tree for Braeden's room! He was so excited when I asked him if he wanted a tree for his bedroom. Then we picked out mini ornaments to go on it. I steered him towards the non-breakable ones, so we bought little drums, an assortment of things (a snowflake, a stocking, Santa, a reindeer, and more), and five little train ornaments. I was looking for a tiny garland or tinsel but didn't see any. It wasn't until we got home and decorated the tree that we realized we had forgotten to get a star for the top. Oops.

After Michaels we went to Pier 1, still no pine cones. But we did buy a couple of ornaments and enjoyed looking at all of the Christmas decorations.

Oh, I almost forgot. At one point during our shopping, Braeden started telling me that we were looking for intermints. I thought and thought. Oh, right. Ornaments. :)

This afternoon Braeden and I made cookies. Apple spice cookies from this Better Homes & Gardens cookie books I've had for years. They're okay but nothing we'll make again. Mat likes them, not that that means much. He's eaten just about everything I've ever made. There are a few notable exceptions...I will always remember my terrible take on teriyaki chicken. I know Mat remembers something else, but I can't think what that is. Maybe he'll post in the comments. Probably not. Oh, I do remember making peanut butter cookies with reduced fat PB. Never do that. Never. Never. The artificial whatever in the PB means the greasy cookie just spreads everywhere.

Late Saturday afternoon Mat took Braeden outside to play while I made chili. I wanted Gage to stay where I could see him, and since he's always so interested in the pantry, I figured what's the harm.

What a mess! Luckily for me, Mat picked it all up!

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Me-ma said...

Really, what harm could a little boy named Gage doin a pantry full of fun stuff -- hmmm. Very cute shot of him looking at you with all those paper towel rolls down. Now, Mat and Braeden can put them away and count them like Braeden likes to do!