Friday, November 14, 2008

How sweet!

I have to brag a little...I have the sweetest little boy in the world. Of course, he would be highly insulted to know I called him little!

Yesterday I had to drive to Garland, NC for an alumni luncheon with my boss. Round trip we were in the car for FIVE hours! My boss likes it cold, and since it was raining we were running the defrost. On cold. By the time we arrived, I was very cold and could feel an ache in my neck and shoulders which I figured was from the driving. I had to excuse myself from the table a few minutes into lunch because I felt sure I was going to throw up. I managed to buck up and make it through lunch (without eating anything else). We got back in the car and left Garland around 2:20. We returned the car on campus around 5:10. Then I still had to drive home.

I met the boys in the driveway and helped get them inside. I changed into my comfy clothes and climbed into bed with Gage. I nursed him (since I didn't pump at all yesterday!) then Mat took him out to the kitchen and I fell asleep. I slept until Mat woke me around 8:00 to nurse Gage again. Then I went back to sleep until I woke up at 4:40 this morning feeling so much better! I think I was just really tired and probably a little dehydrated.

Anyway, I'm sorry you had to read through all of that just to get to the part about how sweet my kid is. After I nursed Gage this morning, Mat took him upstairs with him to get Braeden up and dressed. Since I missed Braeden last night, I slipped upstairs while he was brushing his teeth (naked, by the way). He saw me in the mirror and came running to the gate so happy to see me. Then he said, "Are you feeling better, mommy?"

Is that not precious??

He also tells me to drive carefully when I leave for work. In the mornings he asks me if I slept well. And when I come home, he asks if I had a good day. :)

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Me-ma said...

How very cute is that big boy Braeden of yours! Am glad you were able to sleep off the cold chills! Yuk.