Sunday, November 9, 2008

MORE vacation pictures!

Mom sent a CD of her pictures from our vacation in Virginia Beach...

My dad spent a lot of time sitting just like this with Gage balanced on his lap. The condos are pretty small, so they have mirrors covering a couple walls to make it seem bigger. Sometimes you forget they're there until you catch a glimpse of yourself...makes you want to sit up a little straighter. It's a nightmare for people who try hard not to be in photos. Like me.

MeMa, P-Pa, and Braeden at the Neptune statue.

Gagey and me...aren't we sweet?!

Here's my sister Abi, her husband Jeremy, and Gage.

And a really great picture of Aunt Abi with Gage.


Emily said...

abi looks just like you but with blonde hair!! I expected her to have dark hair like you!

Me-ma said...

Nice photo galery -- we had a great time. Made the best use of the space we had!! Thank goodness we had 3 condo units. I don't know how we would squish into less space! Gage explored every inch of the space and Braeden took charge of the bedroom windows overlooking the boardwalk and ocean!