Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My (?) holiday decorations

Two posts in one day? Unbelievable. Or as Braeden would say

It's time to post about holiday decorations. Bet you didn't see that one coming! Braeden is really into the holidays this year. And I am so so so excited about it!

Braeden started talking about cornucopias one day. Mat and I weren't sure he even knew what a cornucopia was. When we asked him, he informed us that it was a horn-shaped basket filled with things you're thankful for. We were humbled. And confused. Where did he learn that? At school? Then I caught the Moose A. Moose interlude between episodes of Blue's Clues one morning. Ohhhh, there's the cornucopia! Moose sings songs and does puzzles. He's pretty funny. And those songs get stuck in our heads...we all sing lines from them whenever it seems appropriate. I sometimes catch myself about to do it at work and have to remind myself that none of my coworkers have babies. They totally won't get Moose A. Moose!

So, Braeden and I bought a cornucopia. If it were solely up to me, the cornucopia would live on the dining room table as part of my Thanksgiving centerpiece complete with gourds, pumpkins, baby pumpkins, and my fake fall leaves. Oh, and the adorable stuffed turkey that gobbles that I bought last week at Swoozie's (when I used my coupon). Braeden likes to play turkey field. He can play turkey field for a very, very long time. When I watch him play, I always think this is going to be fun for a few minutes but then 30 minutes later he's still playing.

The other thing the cornucopia is good for?

Yep. It's a hat, too. :)

Today Braeden and I went to the grocery store for a few last-minute Thanksgiving dinner items. We also stopped at Michael's for a basket to hold the rolls I bought at Great Harvest Bread Company when I left work today. Along with the roll basket, Braeden found this gold wire sleigh with accent beads. It was pretty. Pretty tacky. But they did have a much less tacky version that I thought could be a lot of fun. As a Christmas decoration.

Braeden had other ideas.

He's Santa, ho ho ho-ing all around the house and distributing toys to good little girls and boys. With a pretend Santa hat on.

If I can wrestle the sleigh away from Braeden, I've got a bunch of ideas about how to fill it. Surprisingly enough, none of my ideas include Braeden's diggers, the drawers from the dollhouse dresser, the star ornaments from our new Toot & Puddle Christmas book, or the boomerang man. Weird, huh? I'm thinking very prettily wrapped presents. Although to accomplish that I'll need my sister to fly down here and wrap some empty boxes for me. Or pine cones if Mat can find the time to go exploring and find some. I'll post pictures when I get it together. If I get it together. :)

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Me-ma said...

I think being grateful for Braeden in the cornucopia "hat" is just perfect for Thanksgiving, and thankful for baby Gage as well!! Have a happy day!