Monday, November 24, 2008

One week without a post and this is what you get??

Fresh off a month-long daily blogging challenge and here it is a whole week since my last post. What can I say? I've got pictures (at home) to post and there have been funny and sweet things to write about, so why haven't I blogged?

I just finished pumping and got almost three ounces. For those not in the know, that's not much at all. I started to beat myself up about it, but then I thought about Braeden. "You get what you get and you don't get upset." So. Three ounces. Fantastic. Fan-fucking-tastic. (I always remember my mom saying it's like not really swearing when you incorporate the swear word in the middle of a regular word. I think she got that from a former principal she worked for. He had been my principal when I was in elementary school. We were all terrified of him which made it all the funnier when I met him again as an adult.)

Mat's in PA for a couple days giving a talk at Lafayette College. He left yesterday afternoon and gets back tomorrow night so it's just me and the boys for now. I've got to say I LOVE it! And that's no slight to Mat because I love having him around and I love watching him with the boys. But the boys and I have so much fun together...we're definitely on laid back, schedule-free mommy time without drill sergeant Mat around. (Said with love, baby!) I wasn't planning to set an alarm this morning but Mat convinced me to do it. I figured Gage would be my alarm clock, but my phone beeped at 6:00 and we were all still sleeping!

I fed the cat and tiptoed upstairs to wake up the baby. I didn't want Braeden to wake up until Gage and I were ready. I brought the baby down and nursed him. I even set the alarm again for 6:20 so I would be sure he and I didn't fall back asleep. He did (so sweet) but I didn't. I HATED getting up though. We were snuggled together under the covers, it was dark in the bedroom, and quiet in the house. I would have loved to fall back asleep for another hour or two. Instead I changed his diaper and went upstairs to wake Braeden. After breakfast, cartoons, hair straightening, another diaper change, packing three bags, dressing two kids, and no yelling, we were out of the house at 7:45. Take that, Mat!

We had our first snow of the season last week but that will get its own post later over on Braeden's blog. With pictures of a cute kid playing in a dusting of snow and thinking he's hit the snow jackpot! Since we didn't get any snow two Christmases ago when we were in NY, this kid thinks a dusting is a lot of snow. I am wishing and hoping that we'll have a "real" white Christmas in Rhinebeck this year! He wants to build a snowman and throw snowballs. I want to take him sledding at Mills Mansion and show him how to make snow angels.

What else do I have to post about...there's the cornucopia story but that will have to wait for another time since the picture is on my home laptop. There's also a funny story about sloths but I can't remember exactly what Braeden says so I'll have to get him to repeat it for me. Slowly. And I'll need Mat to help with the translation.

Oh, Gagey is getting another tooth! It's the incisor on the right that's coming in, so soon he'll have all four top front teeth. He's getting better at standing on his own. It seems more deliberate now, like he knows he can stand unassisted so he does it. I've tried sitting a few steps away from him and holding my arms out to him to see if he would try to walk to me. But every time I do that, he drops down and crawls to me instead. I'm totally fine with him NOT walking yet!

I was very excited on Friday to come home to a package! Fluffy mail...diapers! I got another GAD, this time the outer is chocolate brown and the inner lining is baby blue. It is so pretty. I absolutely love it! This one makes three GADS in our stock, and I'm pretty sure three is just not enough. (Gage wears the medium case anyone was interested in doing a little shopping of their own!) And I got a medium's time to size Gage up from the smalls he's been wearing since March when I ordered him his first cloth diapers. We have five small Thirsties that I plan to sell, but I need to wait until I have the diapers in house to replace them in our day care rotation. The medium just looks HUGE. Even Mat thought so when I showed it to him. This was after he mocked me for going on and on about how soft the lining was in the GAD and how squishy the lining was in the Thirsties. And I am still waiting for my two bumGenius! diapers in the new colors. In fact, I just e-mailed the mom to ask about them. I want those diapers and I am tired of waiting for them!

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Me-ma said...

I want to snuggle right along with you and baby Gage! Sounded so comfortable. and you did a great job getting out the door! Congratulations to Gagey on getting another tooth! And the diapers sound lovely -- I like chocolate brown and blue together -- sounds like a decorating color scheme! Can't wait to see all the new ones.