Wednesday, November 5, 2008

president elect

Wow. What a night! I hardly know what to say.

I've always felt proud to be a Democrat. I've never shied away from the word liberal or considered it an insult. But I've never been as proud as I am tonight.

Obama was not my guy. I voted for Hillary in the primary like I voted for her when I lived in NY. I was disappointed that she didn't win the nomination. As a woman I felt saddened that this would not be the year I saw another woman run for president. But I have faith.

But even though I came late to his party, I feel overwhelmed with emotion tonight. I'm proud of what he has accomplished and proud of the efforts of the volunteers who devoted themselves to his campaign.

I can't wait to tell Braeden tomorrow morning that Barack Obama won the election and will be our next president.


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Emily said...

You gave me chills reading this!

Our boys are the really lucky ones!!