Sunday, November 2, 2008

The weekend

The line was a lot longer than we expected at the Fire House, but the waiting wasn't so bad. There was an antique fire truck outside that Braeden liked looking at. Then there was the man behind us in line who exchanged high fives with him and even did the "too slow" thing that I remember from elementary school. There was a sign (like an upside down V) that Braeden sat under. And then there was this woman in front of us. I looked down to see what he was doing and realized he was standing in front of this woman leaning against her legs. I think he thought he was leaning against me! When I said something to him, he looked up, saw it was another woman, and said, "I like leaning against her." I looked at the woman worried she would be angry, but she just laughed. I was glad we got caught in line with nice people who liked kids!

When we finally got inside, the voting went pretty quickly. Mat held Gage while I took Braeden with me. Our voting is done on touchscreen computers that are set around waist height. Just right for Braeden! He loved pushing the buttons. And in the end he got a sticker which he put on his cheek. He was pretty happy...he didn't even mind not getting to see the big, modern fire trucks.

For lunch today we all had grilled cheese sandwiches. Or grilled trees as Braeden likes to call them. Gage ate almost half a sandwich. And yes, P-Pa, it was potato bread.

I had to reschedule my hair appointment for next weekend but was able to get to my facial after a quick trip home to nurse Gage and eat a yogurt.

This morning Braeden and I made snickerdoodles. I used a recipe I found on a new blog I'm loving. Braeden loves to hold the measuring cups and spoons and add ingredients. He also cracked the eggs and turned the mixer on and off when needed. He managed to spill about a third of my giant, Costco-sized bottle of vanilla on the floor, but we won't talk about that. (Even though it means repainting part of our kitchen wall that's now stained a vanilla color.) He had a hard time making balls out of the cookie dough. I showed him how to roll the ball, but he really just flattened dough. His hands seem a lot warmer than mine too, so that didn't help matters. But he liked to try to roll a ball, then he liked to give me his squished dough in exchange for a nice ball. And when he was done holding the ball, he liked to drop it in the cinnamon sugar. Oh, and he liked eating the cookies when they were done!

And now I'm watching my Giants play the Cowboys. My guys are having a great season! Two weeks in a row I've gotten the game. Amazing, right?

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