Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What goes in must come out

It's so funny because I went back tonight to check to see when we began this challenge...Emily's wondering too. We started on October 8, so I guess that means we're blogging through Saturday. We can make it the last few days!

I can't remember if I posted about this or not...About a month ago I was changing Gage's poopy diaper when I found a small piece of plastic in the poop. It was almost an inch long and it was the rubber that coats electrical wire. I was shocked. I called Mat in to see it and he said that he had noticed a broken light or two in the baby room at the day care. So then I was pissed!

Why would they keep the broken lights in the room?? It reeked of carelessness. Gage had just eaten the rubber coating, but I couldn't stop imagining if he had eaten a piece of wire instead.

Mat talked to the people at the day care when he took Gagey in the next day. And I called and talked to them as well. I have no idea what I was looking for them to say. I guess I wanted a guarantee that they would be more careful. Or an explanation for why the broken lights were still in the baby room. Or some kind of change in policy about repairs.

I also called the doctor's office and they told me to just watch his diapers for anything else. And since there was nothing else, we just went merrily on our way.

Anyway. Emily, I totally understand. And I'm sorry.

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Emily said...

Heh.. thanks. At least we know we aren't the only ones, right? I'm glad Gage only swallowed the plastic part.. (although Jenni's first repsonse to my plastic was, What if it isn't BPA free?....)

They were "shocked" but didn't offer me any explanation.. although I fully admitted that it could have very well have been swallowed at our house. But, as KT says, "We're PAYING them to watch him though." I guess he has a point?