Saturday, November 8, 2008

Whew! It's been a loooong month!

Well, this is it. The last day of the month-long blogging challenge. I'm not really surprised I made it...once I announced I was doing it and Emily got on board, I knew I had to do it. I had pride on the line.

I was worried enough about Gage this week that I stayed home with him Friday and took him to see the doctor. Gage weighed 15 pounds 13 ounces, the same as he did when I took him for his follow-up check for his hemoglobin level. I was a little disappointed, thinking he would weigh more than 16 pounds now. But since he wasn't eating as much this week, I figure he lost a little weight since he's been sick.

His decreased appetite was one of the reasons I took him to the doctor. The other reason had to do with his diapers. They weren't wet. And the poop. Oh God. The poop was disgusting. Nasty colors, disgusting smells, and explosively messy. Just not right.

I explained why I brought him to the doctor and she started checking him out. She checked his left ear, and it was fine. Then she checked his right. And she said the words I had NOT been expecting. Gage has an ear infection. Inconceivable, as they would say in the Princess Bride.

She wrote us a prescription for amoxicillin and gave us sample packages of probiotics to counteract the digestive issues antibiotics can cause. Probiotics are good yeast. We sprinkle one pack on his food in the morning and at dinner. He gets a dose of amoxicillin at both meals as well. She also suggested we give him pedialyte to help with the dehydration. And just like Braeden, he won't have anything to do with the pedialyte. Her final advice was to nurse him as often as he wants it. No problem there.

Gage was great all day on Friday. He and I had a perfect day together. He took great naps, was a charmer at the doctor's office and at Target while we filled the prescription, and played cutely with me around the house. By the end of the day, though, he had crashed. Mat, who had tons of ear infections growing up, tells me they hurt a lot more at the end of the day. And he definitely wasn't eating anywhere the amount he normally eats.

He was much, much better today. He ate so much better, took great naps, and was in a good mood. I had to work this morning--we had a board meeting. I HATE giving up part of my weekend for work. And I really hate that I had to miss Alex's birthday party at Kidsport. Remember when we went there for Matthew's party? According to Mat, Alex's party was pretty much the same. I still hate that I missed it, though. And since Mat was a single dad at the party, he wasn't able to get any pictures. :( Oh well. There will be other parties.

So. Where do we go from here? I started blogging for two reasons. I wanted to share Braeden and what was going on with him and us with our family and friends. And I wanted to have a place to record memories of him. Cute pictures and videos, funny stories, the good and the bad. When I decided to start this challenge, I had been feeling like a bad blogger. I wasn't blogging enough, partly because I felt like what I had posted had to be important or meaningful. But so much of the good stuff, the stuff I want to remember forever, is just the silly everyday stuff. That's what I was missing and what I was regretting.

I think you can expect to see more blogging from me and definitely more posts about the little stuff. And if you think I'm slacking, let me know. I live to please. :)

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Me-ma said...

Hey, glad to read that baby Gage is feeling better. Ear infections can be nasty -- I remember with Aunt Abi. Stroller looks like a cadilac one -- great that you could find one that Braeden can use too. Keep blogging -- I'll try to keep up with reading! Hugs to you all.