Monday, November 17, 2008


This is just unbelievable!

I just received a message from one of my favorite diaper sites listing a 10% sale on wraps and pouches in response to an utterly reprehensible ad from Motrin. Click here to see the ad for yourself. It will only be available for a short time, so watch it quickly.

In response to the ad, I sent the following message to Motrin:

While I certainly appreciate the apology on the homepage concerning the ignorant ad you ran on babywearing, I wanted to be sure my voice was heard.

You say wearing your baby seems to be in fashion as if if babywearing is something akin to pairing uggs with a short skirt. Supposedly it's a real bonding experience? How condescending is that? And yes, there is research that confirms that babies worn in a sling, pouch, or wrap do cry less.

All this to say nothing of the flip attitude of the woman reading your ad. The entire thing, from start to finish, is demoralizing to PARENTS (not just moms) who make the choice to do what's best for their babies. If you're wearing your baby correctly, it doesn't put put a "ton" of strain on any part of your baby. A worn baby is more secure than one carried in your arms. And it's easier on your joints and muscles to wear the baby than it is to carry the baby. Babies sleep better in a wrap than in a stroller. They receive human contact from their parent or caregiver in a wrap that they wouldn't in a stroller. Babies in a wrap are better able to see and interact with the world fostering better intellectual and emotional development than a baby in a stroller.

I'm overwhelmed at the insensitivity displayed by Motrin in preparing, approving, and running this ad. Oh, and the part about how wearing your baby is what makes you look like an official mom is shallow and insensitive to all of the PARENTS out there who choose to wear their babies. Apparently we all look tired and crazy and are desperately in need of motrin to "fix" us.

This commercial is completely out-of-line. I appreciate that you will no longer run it, but I can't not question a company that would run it in the first place.

When I visited the Motrin web site, they have an apology for the ad on their homepage. But frankly, it's too little too late for my taste. You can see the apology here. And if you'd like to register your own complaint with Motrin, click here to complete the online form.

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