Sunday, December 14, 2008

In the holiday mood

If you're not interested in Christmas decorations or my arts and crafts then just stop reading now!

We are really into Christmas this year. And I think we owe it all to Braeden who is sososo into Christmas this year. We put our tree up right after Christmas, and it's really beautiful this year. I've had to come to terms with Braeden's constant redecorating, though. He LOVES taking ornaments off the tree to play with them. Every night I find a handful in different places that I return to the tree. And every couple days I reposition a bunch of ornaments so that the tree is more evenly covered. It sounds anal, and I suppose it is, but I think I'm being really relaxed about everything. :)

Mat tried to let Braeden put the star on top of the tree, but Braeden was too afraid he would fall from up there. I snapped the picture quickly before Mat lowered him to the ground and put the star up himself.

We hung our stockings in front of the fireplace and decorated the mantle with candles and a few of my favorite things.

Braeden really liked helping me decorate. Sometimes it was tough to think of ways he could, but this was the perfect project for him.

Remember the sleigh Braeden and I bought? Here it is filled with pine cones.

This is the mitten garland I've been working on. These felt mittens are so easy to make and so very sweet. I love them!

Braeden loved playing turkey fields at Thanksgiving. Now he plays Christmas fields.

I finally ordered our Christmas cards. Needless to say they'll be going out a little bit late this year. I had some crafting to do before I could take the pictures. I should have gotten it done in November so that I would be ready as soon as we put up the tree, but then it wouldn't be me.

I'm in the middle of a great project that I think will make really wonderful gifts. And that means I can't say anything more about it here. I'll try to remember to post pictures after Christmas!

And it wouldn't be Christmas without some holiday baking...I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies today. I'm bringing most of them in to work tomorrow. I'm going to my first cookie swap Wednesday with some of Keno girls. I'm planning to make raisin molasses gems for the swap. I need to make 6.5 dozen!!

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Me-ma said...

Wow, there was a lot of news in this blog -- I enjoyed reading everything! I have a little tree for Braeden to decorate and re-deocrate and he'll also have the job of patrolling the house to find the soft cat-toy-like ornaments that Gracie takes off the little tree and races around with. I figured Braeden would love to be the tree ornament "police". Can't wait to see all of you.