Monday, December 8, 2008

Random nonsense

Since I'm at work and pumping, there are no pictures for this post. And I doubt the post will be very interesting. How's that for a lead-in?

I just put some of the pump parts down and realized there's dried breast milk on my desk. And on top of the milk? Dried mocha that must have been on the bottom of my travel mug this morning. I chuckled, mostly because it totally doesn't bother me. Then I remembered to e-mail Mat and apologize for the mocha mess in the cup holder of my car. :)

This is the first Christmas that I'm knee deep in Christmas crafting. I've never really been crafty before, so this is huge for me! Unfortunately I think my eyes are bigger than my stomach. So to speak. I have one project only half done that MUST be completed TODAY. I don't want to give it away because it relates to my Christmas cards. Cards that haven't even been ordered yet. And instead of finishing that project up, I've been making felt mittens. I'm totally in love with them! I'm working on a mitten garland to hang on our bookcase. It's going to be adorable! And I've been waiting to take pictures of our Christmas decorations until I finish the garland. I also have dreams of making balsam sachets. I've got the fabric. And the balsam. All I'm lacking is the time and follow-through to get them done. A big handicap for the project I MUST finish and the sachets is that they involve sitting at the sewing machine in the morning room. I can, and do, work on the mittens in front of the TV. It's not hard to see why the mittens are winning the craft war.

Braeden and I went shopping Sunday morning. He hates getting left behind, so I've decided it's easier just to plan to take him with me. And I'm totally incapable of saying no to that boy. And he totally knows it. :) We went to JoAnn's first for more mitten-making supplies (I broke two really old needle threaders trying to get embroidery floss into a too-small needle eye!). We bought a present for MeMa, gDiaper inserts for Gage, and something for Mark and Jenn. We stopped on the way home for coffee and donuts at Dunkin Donuts. Braeden is always happy to stop there or at Starbucks. He's like my partner in crime with this stuff!

One of the places we went was Costco. Braeden loves to go there and expects to find samples each time. Yesterday he got a cookie and a cup of hot chocolate. He also sang Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer at the top of his lungs throughout the store. I thought it was cute and never once thought about shushing him. It was so loud in there anyways, what's one more voice. Most people thought he was cute, and anyone who didn't needs to get in the holiday spirit! I was just impressed that he sang most of the words correctly. Not all songs come out as well...he has a hard time with Jingle Bells especially the one-horse open sleigh part. The other couple of songs he's great at singing are Frosty and Santa Claus is Coming to Town. I really ought to get some video of him singing...

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Emily said...

I totally have dried breastmilk on my desk too...... and I stopped pumping 3 months ago... heh.