Monday, December 22, 2008

We're still here!!

I know it's been a while (bad blogger!), but things have been more than a little crazy around here.

Both boys got sick at the same time. That just shouldn't happen. One of them should be considerate enough to wait until the first one is done, right? Well, no. Apparently they didn't get that mommy memo.

Braeden had a bad cold. Lots of coughing and congestion with a sore throat. He coughed so much at school one day he threw up. Gage had a very yucky nose and was running a low temp. I took them both to the doctor (and learned that 2 boys + 1 appointment time = 2 copays or $50!!). Braeden just had a cold. $25 to have that confirmed. Huh. Gage, on the other hand, had his second ear infection in the same ear as last time. It was early, so we weren't seeing any symptoms of it like last time.

Gage finishes up his 10-day course of antibiotics tonight. We used the probiotic again for a few days and he had no yucky side effects from the amoxicillin. Phew.

We told Braeden that being sick meant he could watch lots of cartoons, so we've been hearing that for the last week or so. "Sick kids get to watch a lot of cartoons." You try telling Braeden he's not sick any longer. See how far you get! :)

As the kids were starting to feel better, I got sick. It never fails. Sore throat, headache, and fever. I had to leave early on Thursday after our office holiday luncheon. Came home, changed into my jammies, and took my temp. 103. I felt like such crap I couldn't even bring myself to care. I sat in the dark living room on the couch under a blanket with NCIS on the TV. Whatever I was watching ended, NCIS came on, and I couldn't bring myself to change the channel. If that's not a sign of how sick I was, I don't know what is.

I stayed home Friday as my temp was still high in the morning. I felt a lot better by the end of the day, though.

Saturday we celebrated Christmas at Mark and Jenn's townhouse in Charlotte with Mat's parents. Mark and Jenn did a great job entertaining us and the two kids. They made mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, green beans, and a really nice salad for the grown-ups. I was really impressed with the thought they put into the menu. And they even seemed not to care when Braeden spilled an entire glass of juice on the table or when Gage threw mac and cheese everywhere. :)

The boys got some really good presents, and it was nice to spend the day together. Pete and Carol leave for AZ after Christmas, and we'll be in NY starting tomorrow, so we won't all be together again until the spring. We gave Mark and Jenn a gift card to PF Chang's for Christmas. It's what they asked for, and who are we to disappoint. They laughed when they opened it, then handed me our present. A gift card to PF Chang's. As soon as Mark told his brother that's what they wanted, he groaned remembering they had already bought one for us. Silly.

We'll be leaving around 4:00 tomorrow morning for Rhinebeck. Maybe I'll post from the car. Maybe not. We'll see how the trip goes. Braeden will be great. It's Gage we're worried about. Hopefully he'll do a lot of napping!

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