Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Annual check-ups

This morning the boys had their annual check-ups. I like being able to take them together, but it was also a little chaotic. I felt a little bit like I was being pulled in opposite directions. Braeden is such a ham...he has to show the doctor and nurse different things and ask questions while they're in the middle of checking Gage or talking to me about something. It was hard to have a conversation longer than a couple minutes. Fortunately both are in good health and developing normally, so there really wasn't much to discuss. And luckily for me, both our doctor and her nurse have seemingly unending patience. And it was also great that Mat was able to be there to help.

The differences between our two kids were so SO obvious during the appointment. Gage was quiet and calm throughout. He laid patiently on the table while she looked in his ears and mouth, listened to his heart and lungs, and prodded at his tummy. He never made a peep when the tech came in to draw blood (more on this later). The only fuss he made was during the shots but even then he quieted down as soon as I picked him up. Braeden, on the other hand, never stopped moving and seldom stopped talking! He hid in the fort in the corner behind the exam table. He jumped up and down. He climbed onto the table, laid down for 30 seconds then popped back up and climbed off the table. He played with the tongue depressors the doctor gave him. He asked for water. He wanted a baby toy from the diaper bag. He vroomed his bulldozer around on the floor. And he interrupted us a hundred times to announce something, to ask a question, to sit on my lap, or to hug his baby brother. He was like a force of nature in constant motion and at full volume. A whirling dervish like the Tasmanian Devil from Looney Tunes. That kid lives large all the time. It's amazing to watch. And tiring. And frustrating (sometimes). And humorous (almost all the time).

My favorite part was when he pointed to the jar of long q-tips. He told the nurse they were pokey sticks. (This is one of his favorite terms for all things stick-like...stirrers for coffee, actual sticks, toothpicks, skewers.) She agreed they were pokey sticks. Then he said, "Actually, they're q-tips." Why, yes. Actually they are q-tips. :)

Anyway, both kids are fine. Braeden jumped (literally) onto the scale. He weighs 37 pounds which puts him in the 50th percentile. He's 41 inches tall, or almost 3 1/2 feet tall, and also in the 50th percentile for height. Gage weighs 17 lbs 6 oz and is 29 inches long. His head circumference is 18 1/4 inches putting him in the 50th percentile. He's in the 25th percentile for length and still below the curve, or in the 3rd percentile, for weight. We're still mapping on that same curve from the nine-month appointment.

Time to compare stats...At Braeden's twelve-month check-up he weighed 22 lbs 3 oz and was 29 1/4 inches long. He was in the 50th percentile for both weight and length. Well. It is what it is.

The doctor wasn't concerned about Gage's weight. She made a point of saying several times that he looks great and he's certainly hitting all the appropriate developmental milestones. She seemed a little surprised to see him walking so well, maybe it's the upside to being so little. Less mass to carry around and a shorter distance to the ground should he fall!

Braeden had to read the eye chart (shapes instead of letters or numbers, although he could certainly do both) and had to wear earphones for a hearing test. He flat-out refused to put the earphones on at first. I was able to convince him to put them on, and he played along for a few minutes, but ultimately didn't finish the test. He really, really hated the earphones.

Following up on the low hemoglobin from the nine-month appointment, Gage needed to have blood drawn for a CBC and lead level check. He never made a peep. Then he had three shots including the chicken pox vaccine. He cried until I picked him up. And then we were done. Braeden will need shots at the five-year appointment. The nurse explained he needs shots for school and he could get them now or next year. Braeden wisely chose to wait. :)

$50 later we were on our way to the day care.

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