Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas pics

Finally, right?

We gave Braeden the bike the week before Christmas since we certainly weren't going to drive it all the way to NY and back. He was sooo excited to see it in the garage! His first ride wasn't great but he's definitely gotten the hang of it!

Here he is on his first ride!

Christmas in Rhinebeck.

My Christmas ham!

Doesn't Gage look like an old man? My mom loves to pull his little pants up so high...I couldn't help but laugh when I looked over and saw that. Then I quickly told her to pull them down a little!

In the picture before you can see Braeden handing his new Christmas combine to Gage. And look how happy it made him!


Getting ready to go outside in the snow.

Braeden loved crunching in the snow. The boots mom bought were perfect! It had rained then the temp dropped enough to freeze everything. It made the top of the snow crunchy; Braeden was light enough that he could walk on top of the snow while dad and I broke through.

The sledding story is great! Dad bought the sled, and everyone really wanted Braeden to love sledding. There's a hill in their backyard that some of the neighbor kids use. It's a little rocky and has a bunch of trees. We went about halfway up, and Braeden and I sat on the sled. It was his first time on a sled, and my first time in A LOT of years! Instead of smashing into a tree, we popped off the sled. Braeden's mitten came off and he decided sledding wasn't for him. He refused to go down the hill again. Instead dad offered to pull him around using a rope.

If you listen at the beginning you can hear Braeden ordering my dad to go slowly! So cute.

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