Monday, January 12, 2009


We've got a gate at the top of our stairs that we keep closed at night. I'm pretty sure Braeden sleepwalks, or at the very least is very, very slow to wake up. Even though he's great on the stairs, I worry he'll sleepwalk and fall down them or not be quite awake enough to navigate them. And the gate is our last line of defense. When he messes around at night and gets out of bed 10 times, the worst he can do is turn the light on upstairs and stand at the gate. He's contained. The same is true in the morning. When he wakes up, Mat and I still have a few minutes to get ourselves together before we have to deal with him or Gage.

Not anymore.

Saturday morning Mat woke up with a start which woke me up with a start. Braeden was standing quietly next to the bed staring at Mat. It was just like that night in Charleston. I wonder how long he stood there before we woke up...

My first thought was that we had forgotten to close the gate. Mat asked how he had gotten down the stairs, and Braeden said he opened the gate. We were both shocked. Braeden told us that's what fours do. Fours open gates and come downstairs. (Fours is day care speak. Braeden must hear it a lot now that they've combined all the fours together in one big room with two teachers.)

We put Braeden in bed between us, but he didn't want to lie there quietly or fall back asleep. Instead he went upstairs and woke Gage up. Nice, huh?

Sunday morning he did the same thing again. But instead of going up to wake Gage up, he played "quietly" in the living room which woke Gage up. It was 7:15 both mornings, but seriously. Sleeping in would kill him??!!

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Me-ma said...

Those milestones just keep happening!