Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Naughty, naughty Braeden

I'm back to thinking about combining the blogs...I know, is anyone NOT sick of hearing me go back and forth over this? I'm certainly getting sick of thinking about it...

Anyway, I've always said that I've loved every age Braeden has been. And it's still true, I love having a four-year-old. There are so many amazing, adorable, wonderful things Braeden can do. He's a loving big brother who wants to take part in Gage's upbringing. He is funny. Hysterical, in fact. He's so smart. And perceptive. He's loving, adventurous, timid at times, carefree, charming, rough-and-tumble, and loud.

He's also stubborn. It's not a bad thing...I certainly respect him for it. How could I not? He comes by it honestly from both his parents. :) But, oh my, is it annoying! And troublesome. We're lucky that he has more good days than bad ones at school. But those bad days? They're really bad! He got in trouble earlier this week for playing under the table at lunch, talking back to his teachers, and playing in the bathroom while his friends were in there. That was just one day! He lost his Hess truck dump truck for that. He also lost his after-dinner treat and cartoon time.

At home he gets into trouble for not listening, for yelling when we ask him to do something he doesn't want to do, for talking back, and for a litany of little things. The other day I went into our downstairs bathroom and noticed little bits of toilet paper floating in the heating vent. He had ripped up toilet paper and dropped it down the vent. When the heat ran, the little bits floated. Clever, certainly. Naughty, definitely. Mat had noticed it the week before but thought it was accidental. Mat was mad enough to spit when we realized it was a game he was playing.

People always talk about the terrible twos. Honestly, two was nothing. A walk in the park. As he got closer to three, that's when we started seeing deliberate naughtiness. And now he can be downright bratty. Again, he comes by that honestly. Mat can attest. I'm a brat. :) But I'm pretty sure our house is only big enough for one brat, and as the mommy I lay claim to that distinction.

The upside to all this naughtiness is that when it's over he is genuinely contrite. He will apologize so sweetly and explain that he will be super-polite the next day at school. What does that mean? Always say please and thank you. His apologies always come with a hug, and he gets very upset if you don't acknowledge his efforts.

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Me-ma said...

We're so sorry to read about the Naughty Braeden. The toilet paper snips and bits in the heat vent is naughty but perhaps he's getting his 6th grade science project over with early. Anyway, we hope the good days far out number the bad days. Give him an extra hug from us.