Friday, January 23, 2009

Naughty, naughty Gagey

I've been a bad blogger of late. Slap my hand. Say no in your most forceful voice. And definitely move me away from the temptation. Oh wait, that's the exact same approach we've taken a thousand times in the last few weeks with Gage. That kid is trouble. He's a terror. But he is so damn cute while he's being so damn naughty.

One of his most favorite things to do is to push the open/close button on the DVD player. He pushes the button, the tray pops out, he looks at me and laughs. And toddles away as quickly as he can while I jump up from the couch to close the tray all the while saying no, Gage. Sometimes Braeden jumps up to do this for me (cute, huh?), sometimes it's Mat who is in the room with him. Either way, as soon as we sit back down, he goes back to the DVD player to do it again. We spend a lot of time trying to redirect his naughty energy towards something acceptable. It's not like he doesn't have any toys!!

Gage is also into our kitchen garbage can. It's got a swing-top lid. At first he just liked to push the lid and watch it swing. Then he started sticking his hands in the can. After that he started trying to take trash out of the can. Nasty. And the latest thing? He throws things away. The other day he threw away a plastic pear from Braeden's play food set. Braeden did the exact same thing when he was that age. MeMa had to buy a second play phone because Bray threw the first one away and we didn't catch it.

Speaking of the kitchen, Gage considers our cabinets, pantry, and fridge his playground. The second you open the pantry or fridge door, you can count on him to come toddling as fast as he can. He usually succeeds in getting into the pantry, although sometimes I try to get in and out fast enough to avoid this. Usually that means I end up knocking him down on his bottom. And it almost always results in crying. We spend a lot of time picking him up mere seconds before he reaches his desired goal. To solve the cabinets issue, we, and by that I mean Mat, installed more magnetic locks in the kitchen. And before you think we don't let him have any fun, we left the tupperware drawer unlocked. Plus all those baby toys we have lying around!

But to get back to my original point...why haven't I been blogging? Because I've been knitting. I watch Grey's Anatomy and knit. I knit at work during lunch. I watch cartoons with Braeden and knit. Braeden, by the way, totally gets the knitting. He knows that the light in the living room has to stay on if I'm knitting. When he goes in to watch cartoons, he pauses by the light switch and asks if I'm going to knit. If the answer is no, he turns off the light because the TV is bright enough. (his logic, not mine) He's also my model when I knit. After the class I took, I pulled out some old, cheap yarn I bought while we lived in Ithaca. I used it to practice-knit a couple hats and a scarf to donate. Since they were for kids, Braeden was the perfect size to model. Yesterday he tried on a baby hat I knit for a high school friend who's pregnant. It didn't matter to him that it didn't fit. And this morning he gave me this perfectly wonderful smile when I showed off the hat I knit for myself. I find his support very sweet. Not at all surprising, though. He's always very interested in the things I do--cooking, sewing, nursing--and he finds some way to be involved. Knitting is just the next thing.

I've been thinking a lot about what it is I like about knitting. I love that it's portable and that I can do it in front of the TV, while watching the boys play, in the car (while Mat drives), waiting for the doctor, etc. So much more convenient than sewing. I'm also amazed at the finished product. From yarn and sticks, I can make a scarf, a hat, wristwarmers, whatever. Knitting is all about patterns, counting, and logic. I really, really like that. It's repetitive but not necessarily mindless. And when you do stop paying attention, you screw up. But those mistakes are fixable, if not by me than by someone at my local yarn store (lys) or mom (if I'm in Rhinebeck). I like finding a pattern then finding a yarn that will work. Or choosing a yarn then finding the right pattern. And trying new yarns or new techniques. And I really love having a finished project I can wear. And I really love ravelry. It combines the internet, message boards, technology, and good old-fashioned knitting and I just love that! A colleague of mine knits, and through ravelry and facebook I learned that someone who was in grad school with Mat knits. I love making those connections, and I really love seeing everyone else's projects. Very inspiring.

Anyway, enough about knitting. I've got pictures at home that I need to post. I'll try to tear myself away from my needles long enough to post a few.


Mareike said...

Damn curious about with which of the people in grad school with Mat you have connected since I taught a few of them how to knit or how to do some complicated knitting.
I love the way you talk about your boys. Gage is doing what he should be at this point and Braeden is your sweet protector (and doing what he should be doing.)

Emily said...

wow! I so remember Braeden being obsessed with the trash can. Do you remember that?

I love that you are knitting so much. Those arm warmer things are just too cute. Oh, and the cowl. I'm jealous of your patience.

:) Happy weekend!

Me-ma said...

I also loved reading your entry about knitting. I like to knit and I love it that you love to knit! It warms my heart and I enjoy reading your enthusiasm about all your projects, the yarns, the Ravelry site, Braeden's modeling of your projects -- very cute. Makes me wish we were sitting side by side knittin!