Friday, February 20, 2009

The end of yellow

This isn't a new picture...I hope that's not against the rules of color week. On one of our last trips to Rhinebeck, mom asked Abi and me to go through some of Nanny's things. We each went home with a couple boxes full of things--vases, pewter, pottery, jewelry, and a few tablecloths. This yellow one is one I loved immediately. It's so bright and goes perfectly with my navy blue chairs.

Now that we're at the end of color week, I can say I enjoyed doing it. But I think I would like it better if the color of the week was blue. Or brown. Or even green. I've got a lot more of that in my house!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Too much yellow?

After Gage was born I made him a lovey blanket. It was so easy, and when it was finished I was so happy with what I had done. Gage sleeps with that blanket every night. When I had to put him in day care, I made another one for him to sleep with while he's there.

I've got friends having babies, and I love the idea of making them special baby things. I found the yellow dotted minky fabric at a local store and fell totally in love with the soft color. Then I picked out the polka-dotted fabric because I thought it would be perfect for boys or girls. And I bought the terry in the back to make bibs or burp cloths.

And then I started knitting. And now all I want to do is knit. A friend from high school is pregnant with a boy. Instead of making a blanket, I absolutely had to knit her a little blue cabled hat. A friend from our time in Ithaca is pregnant with a girl now. I bought lavender yarn to knit a sweet little cabled hat for her too. At some point I will go back to sewing. I'll get tired of knitting socks and hats. Maybe.

This morning Gage didn't eat breakfast. He was so lethargic, I couldn't stand the thought of sending him to day care so I decided to stay home with him. Mat agreed to come home at noon so I could get a few hours of work in. Gagey slept on my chest for half an hour before I put him up in his crib where he slept for two hours. When he woke up he made a few little whimpering noises. I went up to get him and the smell almost knocked me over. I picked him up and felt wet through his pants. I didn't bother taking him downstairs, just straight into the bathroom. There was poop everywhere! Nasty, disgusting, foul-smelling poop! Luckily I was in the process of washing diapers, so I could throw it right in the wash. (But now I swear all my diapers stink!)

As if the poop wasn't bad enough, Gage threw up all over me tonight after dinner. We struggled to get him to eat anything. He drank a bunch of orange juice, a little applesauce, and a little risotto. We took him out of the high chair and I was holding him while Mat cleaned up the chair. He burped a couple times then had an Exorcist moment. All over me and the floor. So disgusting! Actually, come to think of it, the throw-up was sort of yellowish.

And after all that drama Gage was quiet but happy. And tomorrow morning we're calling the doctor first thing. I just can't take any more of this.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Who knew there was this much yellow in my house??

Emily reminded me that I have something very yellow in my home, something I had completely forgotten about. How could I have forgotten Gagey's room??

Not only are his walls yellow, but there's a little yellow in the paisley fabric too. That little bit of yellow is what prompted me to paint the walls of his room that color. I've never been completely thrilled with that yellow, it's so much brighter than I was anticipating. But it's definitely yellow!

Once I got upstairs to take the pictures of his room, I started to see a lot more yellow all around me.

My cute husband who was probably cursing his choice of shirt this morning once I started snapping his picture...

Then there's my ham of a honey bunny, Braeden Rhys, in his Spongebob towel.

Gage had a tough day. He didn't eat breakfast at home this morning and ate nothing at school either. For lunch he ate a little bit of corn and drank a little milk. We're not sure about snack time, but we doubt he ate much if anything. Mat talked to our doctor's nurse this morning. She said they weren't concerned Gage hadn't eaten much in the last few days. She said babies can go longer than you think without eating. She told him as long as Gage has at least one wet diaper every eight hours, we shouldn't worry right now.

Did I stop worrying? Please. I spent all day obsessing over it. And calling the day care to find out if he had eaten anything. But. And this is a big BUT. Gage ate a pretty good dinner--scrambled eggs, goldfish, applesauce, a few yellow beans, a cracker, AND he drank some milk. And he nursed well. Plus, he was acting like his normal cheery self! I don't want to jinx us by speaking too soon, but Wow! Maybe I won't spend all day tomorrow stressing over this.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yellow, take two

Today's yellow was a happy accident. Mat brought the boys home and gave them their baths before dinner. He was headed out to the monthly SAR meeting (Sons of the American Revolution). By the time I got home, he was getting Gage's dinner ready. Everyone was eating leftovers tonight.

Gage had macaroni and cheese, yellow beans, and meatloaf all served on one of my yellow Fiestaware plates. The perfect meal for yellow week. :)

Unfortunately Gage hasn't been feeling all that well these past few days. He had a low temp Sunday, a higher one Sunday night, and he threw up twice yesterday morning. Mat stayed home with him yesterday morning, and I relieved him around noon. He seemed so much better yesterday evening so we sent him to day care today. He barely ate or drank today. And dinner was no better. He ate a few bites of the mac and cheese, drank a small amount of orange juice, and no milk. He wouldn't even eat animal crackers or nilla wafers.

We have no idea what's going on with him but we hope he'll be back to normal tomorrow morning. If not, I guess we'll call the doctor.

I've taken tons of pictures over the last month, I just haven't been posting them. Here's a sweet one of Gage I took a while back.

Monday, February 16, 2009


I'm participating in a color week sponsored by another blogger, Erin of House on Hill Road. I'm a newish reader of her blog...I found her through another blog I love, Leslie's A Friend to Knit With. Erin created a hat pattern that Leslie was knitting. Then I started seeing the hat pop up on Ravelry and on other blogs I was reading.

Color week just means you post a picture each day of something in the chosen color. Erin chose yellow, trying to speed spring along.

I signed up right away because I've always loved seeing color week pictures on other people's blogs. Then I started looking around for yellow in our house. I guess yellow is NOT one of my more favorite colors.

As I was stuffing diapers I realized I might not wear yellow or decorate with it, but I certainly love Gage in yellow diapers!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Dinner time

One night a couple weeks ago we gave Gage his dinner while I was cooking ours. He just can't wait most nights! When he finished eating Mat cleaned him up and put him on the floor. Then we sat down to eat risotto and peas. While we eat, Gage plays and usually ends up under the table. And most times, he stands next to my chair and begs to be picked up. So this night I gave him a little bite of my risotto from my spoon, just to see if he liked it. He LOVED it!

So we put him back in his chair and I fed him more and more risotto. He was so excited to be eating it. And so cute about it. I just couldn't resist filming him for a little bit. :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Everyone on facebook is doing the 25 random things post. I did it. Abi did it. Emily did it. Even Mat did it! And if Mat does something on facebook, you know everyone's doing it.

Then Emily took it one step further and did the list for Will. On her blog. And I thought, my kids deserve a list too.

1. On the weekends Braeden insists on a special breakfast. I trained him to want it, and now he has to have it. He decides in the morning if he wants scrambled eggs, french toast, or pancakes. I like that we do something special to celebrate Saturdays and Sundays.
2. Gage loves eggs, french toast, and pancakes. He also loves my macaroni and cheese (which is really my mom's since I use her recipe even though mine turns out completely different), risotto, and turkey meatballs.
3. Braeden naps in our room on the weekends. He always starts out on top of the covers reading books but ends up under the covers asleep. I LOVE that he knows when he gets tired and snuggles under the covers to nap.
4. Gage is obsessed with climbing our stairs. If you turn your back for a second, he speeds over and gets a few stairs up before you turn back around.
5. Braeden thinks that walking quietly is tip-toeping. I get him to say it all the time for me because I think it's so funny!
6. Gage is cranky in the afternoons at day care. Mat thinks he doesn't like the woman who works the afternoon shift.
7. Braeden always asks to have the same books in our room for his rest time on the weekends--all three Toot & Puddle books.
8. Gage has very ticklish feet!
9. Braeden loves to be tickled. After a while, when he's out of breath from laughing, he begs you to stop. But after a minute, he asks you to start tickling him again.
10. Gage laughs every time you hang him upside down.
11. Braeden sleeps with a pink pig, a dog wearing a Giants sweater, an octopus, a duck, and a Curious George monkey. There might also be a salamander.
12. Gage sleeps with a lovey blanket I made for him. I even made a second one for him to sleep with at school. When we check on him, he's usually on his stomach on top of the lovey.
13. Braeden is terrified of our neighbors' dog. The other day I came home just after Mat and the boys got home. The neighbors' giant Newfoundland had gotten out of their house and was chasing Braeden around our mailbox. I hopped out of the car and called the dog and Braeden tore ass up the driveway. He was screaming the entire time! It took me a few minutes to get the dog back in their house (the front door was wide open and no one was home), and Braeden was still screaming. And shaking. I felt terrible for him, but Mat and I couldn't help but laugh!
14. Gage would rather push the button to pop the DVD tray in and out then play with the tons of toys we've gotten him.
15. Braeden usually prefers baby toys to his own toys.
16. When Gage is done eating or bored with whatever we've given him to eat, he starts throwing food over the side of the tray.
17. No matter how much Braeden has had to eat he always has room in his tummy for some of whatever I'm eating. And if I say no to him, he reminds me that I LIKE to share with him. That I ALWAYS share with him.
18. Gage has blue eyes and the most amazing eyelashes ever. He is often mistaken for a girl. Mat thought getting a haircut would fix that. It hasn't. I thought dressing him in blues, greens, jeans, and boyish sneakers would fix it. It hasn't. :)
19. Braeden HATES trying new clothes on. It's a HUGE fight each time!
20. Gage is really, REALLY great in the car. He always has been.
21. Braeden is too. And together, they are phenomenal.
22. Braeden talks in his sleep sometimes. The stuff he says doesn't make sense, but it's really funny. He also rolls around pretty violently and routinely crashes some part of his body into the wall. It makes a huge thump we can hear in our living room. But it doesn't seem to wake him up.
23. Gage likes to chase after Hudson (the cat) but has never once caught him.
24. Braeden has been afraid of Hudson for a while (there was an incident), but since turning four has decided he isn't afraid of him anymore. That's what he says, anyway. He's still afraid, though. But he does talk to Hudson, he makes an effort to pet him if Hudson is lying down, and if I'm holding Hudson he will come over to pet him.
25. My two boys are the best of friends. It is amazing to me to see it. And I hope they stay like this forever!