Monday, February 16, 2009


I'm participating in a color week sponsored by another blogger, Erin of House on Hill Road. I'm a newish reader of her blog...I found her through another blog I love, Leslie's A Friend to Knit With. Erin created a hat pattern that Leslie was knitting. Then I started seeing the hat pop up on Ravelry and on other blogs I was reading.

Color week just means you post a picture each day of something in the chosen color. Erin chose yellow, trying to speed spring along.

I signed up right away because I've always loved seeing color week pictures on other people's blogs. Then I started looking around for yellow in our house. I guess yellow is NOT one of my more favorite colors.

As I was stuffing diapers I realized I might not wear yellow or decorate with it, but I certainly love Gage in yellow diapers!

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