Thursday, February 19, 2009

Too much yellow?

After Gage was born I made him a lovey blanket. It was so easy, and when it was finished I was so happy with what I had done. Gage sleeps with that blanket every night. When I had to put him in day care, I made another one for him to sleep with while he's there.

I've got friends having babies, and I love the idea of making them special baby things. I found the yellow dotted minky fabric at a local store and fell totally in love with the soft color. Then I picked out the polka-dotted fabric because I thought it would be perfect for boys or girls. And I bought the terry in the back to make bibs or burp cloths.

And then I started knitting. And now all I want to do is knit. A friend from high school is pregnant with a boy. Instead of making a blanket, I absolutely had to knit her a little blue cabled hat. A friend from our time in Ithaca is pregnant with a girl now. I bought lavender yarn to knit a sweet little cabled hat for her too. At some point I will go back to sewing. I'll get tired of knitting socks and hats. Maybe.

This morning Gage didn't eat breakfast. He was so lethargic, I couldn't stand the thought of sending him to day care so I decided to stay home with him. Mat agreed to come home at noon so I could get a few hours of work in. Gagey slept on my chest for half an hour before I put him up in his crib where he slept for two hours. When he woke up he made a few little whimpering noises. I went up to get him and the smell almost knocked me over. I picked him up and felt wet through his pants. I didn't bother taking him downstairs, just straight into the bathroom. There was poop everywhere! Nasty, disgusting, foul-smelling poop! Luckily I was in the process of washing diapers, so I could throw it right in the wash. (But now I swear all my diapers stink!)

As if the poop wasn't bad enough, Gage threw up all over me tonight after dinner. We struggled to get him to eat anything. He drank a bunch of orange juice, a little applesauce, and a little risotto. We took him out of the high chair and I was holding him while Mat cleaned up the chair. He burped a couple times then had an Exorcist moment. All over me and the floor. So disgusting! Actually, come to think of it, the throw-up was sort of yellowish.

And after all that drama Gage was quiet but happy. And tomorrow morning we're calling the doctor first thing. I just can't take any more of this.

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Emily said...

sorry that I laughed about gage's puke being yellow. maybe he dislikes it as much as you do? although, i'm starting to think you like it!

i love those fabrics.. Will has a pair of shoes someone made him in those polka dots so I can't help but feel REALLY nostalgic when I see it.

hope gagey is better today. give him a hug from us!