Thursday, February 5, 2009


Everyone on facebook is doing the 25 random things post. I did it. Abi did it. Emily did it. Even Mat did it! And if Mat does something on facebook, you know everyone's doing it.

Then Emily took it one step further and did the list for Will. On her blog. And I thought, my kids deserve a list too.

1. On the weekends Braeden insists on a special breakfast. I trained him to want it, and now he has to have it. He decides in the morning if he wants scrambled eggs, french toast, or pancakes. I like that we do something special to celebrate Saturdays and Sundays.
2. Gage loves eggs, french toast, and pancakes. He also loves my macaroni and cheese (which is really my mom's since I use her recipe even though mine turns out completely different), risotto, and turkey meatballs.
3. Braeden naps in our room on the weekends. He always starts out on top of the covers reading books but ends up under the covers asleep. I LOVE that he knows when he gets tired and snuggles under the covers to nap.
4. Gage is obsessed with climbing our stairs. If you turn your back for a second, he speeds over and gets a few stairs up before you turn back around.
5. Braeden thinks that walking quietly is tip-toeping. I get him to say it all the time for me because I think it's so funny!
6. Gage is cranky in the afternoons at day care. Mat thinks he doesn't like the woman who works the afternoon shift.
7. Braeden always asks to have the same books in our room for his rest time on the weekends--all three Toot & Puddle books.
8. Gage has very ticklish feet!
9. Braeden loves to be tickled. After a while, when he's out of breath from laughing, he begs you to stop. But after a minute, he asks you to start tickling him again.
10. Gage laughs every time you hang him upside down.
11. Braeden sleeps with a pink pig, a dog wearing a Giants sweater, an octopus, a duck, and a Curious George monkey. There might also be a salamander.
12. Gage sleeps with a lovey blanket I made for him. I even made a second one for him to sleep with at school. When we check on him, he's usually on his stomach on top of the lovey.
13. Braeden is terrified of our neighbors' dog. The other day I came home just after Mat and the boys got home. The neighbors' giant Newfoundland had gotten out of their house and was chasing Braeden around our mailbox. I hopped out of the car and called the dog and Braeden tore ass up the driveway. He was screaming the entire time! It took me a few minutes to get the dog back in their house (the front door was wide open and no one was home), and Braeden was still screaming. And shaking. I felt terrible for him, but Mat and I couldn't help but laugh!
14. Gage would rather push the button to pop the DVD tray in and out then play with the tons of toys we've gotten him.
15. Braeden usually prefers baby toys to his own toys.
16. When Gage is done eating or bored with whatever we've given him to eat, he starts throwing food over the side of the tray.
17. No matter how much Braeden has had to eat he always has room in his tummy for some of whatever I'm eating. And if I say no to him, he reminds me that I LIKE to share with him. That I ALWAYS share with him.
18. Gage has blue eyes and the most amazing eyelashes ever. He is often mistaken for a girl. Mat thought getting a haircut would fix that. It hasn't. I thought dressing him in blues, greens, jeans, and boyish sneakers would fix it. It hasn't. :)
19. Braeden HATES trying new clothes on. It's a HUGE fight each time!
20. Gage is really, REALLY great in the car. He always has been.
21. Braeden is too. And together, they are phenomenal.
22. Braeden talks in his sleep sometimes. The stuff he says doesn't make sense, but it's really funny. He also rolls around pretty violently and routinely crashes some part of his body into the wall. It makes a huge thump we can hear in our living room. But it doesn't seem to wake him up.
23. Gage likes to chase after Hudson (the cat) but has never once caught him.
24. Braeden has been afraid of Hudson for a while (there was an incident), but since turning four has decided he isn't afraid of him anymore. That's what he says, anyway. He's still afraid, though. But he does talk to Hudson, he makes an effort to pet him if Hudson is lying down, and if I'm holding Hudson he will come over to pet him.
25. My two boys are the best of friends. It is amazing to me to see it. And I hope they stay like this forever!

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Me-ma said...

Maybe you could write the best and worst 25 things once a month! They were great and made me want to hear more. With each one I read, I was able to be with the boys seeing them do the thing or hear them say the words (in Gage's case, no words yet!). That was a lovely blog posting. Reading it made me smile! And also it made me remember back 28 years to things that were similar or different that you and your sister Abi did! Thank you for all of these things! We love you all.