Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Who knew there was this much yellow in my house??

Emily reminded me that I have something very yellow in my home, something I had completely forgotten about. How could I have forgotten Gagey's room??

Not only are his walls yellow, but there's a little yellow in the paisley fabric too. That little bit of yellow is what prompted me to paint the walls of his room that color. I've never been completely thrilled with that yellow, it's so much brighter than I was anticipating. But it's definitely yellow!

Once I got upstairs to take the pictures of his room, I started to see a lot more yellow all around me.

My cute husband who was probably cursing his choice of shirt this morning once I started snapping his picture...

Then there's my ham of a honey bunny, Braeden Rhys, in his Spongebob towel.

Gage had a tough day. He didn't eat breakfast at home this morning and ate nothing at school either. For lunch he ate a little bit of corn and drank a little milk. We're not sure about snack time, but we doubt he ate much if anything. Mat talked to our doctor's nurse this morning. She said they weren't concerned Gage hadn't eaten much in the last few days. She said babies can go longer than you think without eating. She told him as long as Gage has at least one wet diaper every eight hours, we shouldn't worry right now.

Did I stop worrying? Please. I spent all day obsessing over it. And calling the day care to find out if he had eaten anything. But. And this is a big BUT. Gage ate a pretty good dinner--scrambled eggs, goldfish, applesauce, a few yellow beans, a cracker, AND he drank some milk. And he nursed well. Plus, he was acting like his normal cheery self! I don't want to jinx us by speaking too soon, but Wow! Maybe I won't spend all day tomorrow stressing over this.

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