Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yellow, take two

Today's yellow was a happy accident. Mat brought the boys home and gave them their baths before dinner. He was headed out to the monthly SAR meeting (Sons of the American Revolution). By the time I got home, he was getting Gage's dinner ready. Everyone was eating leftovers tonight.

Gage had macaroni and cheese, yellow beans, and meatloaf all served on one of my yellow Fiestaware plates. The perfect meal for yellow week. :)

Unfortunately Gage hasn't been feeling all that well these past few days. He had a low temp Sunday, a higher one Sunday night, and he threw up twice yesterday morning. Mat stayed home with him yesterday morning, and I relieved him around noon. He seemed so much better yesterday evening so we sent him to day care today. He barely ate or drank today. And dinner was no better. He ate a few bites of the mac and cheese, drank a small amount of orange juice, and no milk. He wouldn't even eat animal crackers or nilla wafers.

We have no idea what's going on with him but we hope he'll be back to normal tomorrow morning. If not, I guess we'll call the doctor.

I've taken tons of pictures over the last month, I just haven't been posting them. Here's a sweet one of Gage I took a while back.


Me-ma said...

We hope baby Gage is not getting sick again. Yellow is very bright!

Emily said...

i hope gage is on the mend today.

what about gage's beautiful yellow walls?! or the yellow in his bedding? :)