Monday, March 30, 2009

Fifteen months

This morning I took Gage in for his fifteen-month appointment. As I put Gage on the scale, I was whispering to him to think heavy thoughts. It didn't work, though.

Gage weighs 18 pounds 10 ounces. He's below the 3rd percentile but at least he's still on the chart. The doctor reminded me that he wasn't at nine months! He's 29 3/4 inches long putting him in the 15th percentile. And his head measures 18 1/2 inches.

Before we went this morning I checked Braeden's fifteen-month stats (of course). He was 24 lbs 13 oz, 30 inches long, and his head was 20 inches. That kid always had a big head! Braeden was in the 50th percentile for weight. I know I'm torturing myself a little by looking at B's stats. And I truly don't spend any time at all comparing one boy to the other. But I can't help it when these appointments roll around.

Aside from shots and bloodwork, this was an incredibly uneventful visit. The doctor asked a few questions: does Gage point to things, does he follow simple instructions, does he play with things and mimic playing with things, does he say three to six words. The answers to all the questions except the last one were yes. Our doctor said he was developing normally and she wasn't concerned about his weight. I almost feel like I could copy and paste this update from the last one. And the one before that.

Gage had to have two shots this morning and blood drawn for a follow-up check of his iron. I'm still waiting to hear how his level is. If it's in the normal range then we can step down to a half-dose daily of the iron supplement for a couple of months. If it's not then we continue as we've been doing for another couple months when we check it again. In the meantime, someone's got to start eating red meat. I'm thinking roast beef. :)

Gage is such a good boy. He really is the sweetest kid. This is the age that Braeden started throwing tantrums when he didn't get what he wanted. It's so hard for me to imagine Gage doing that. Obviously I know he will, but I truly believe his tantrums will never come close to matching Braeden's. Their temperaments are just SO different.

Braeden still has these amazing freak-outs about stuff. He is so dramatic. And he really likes his routine. He knows he gets a special breakfast on the weekend. One Saturday night I asked him if he wanted to go out with me the next morning. I was going to take him to Panera for a muffin and coffee, just mommy and Braeden time. He was so excited. But the next morning, he refused to go. He insisted I make him pancakes instead. No screaming, just a complete insistence on doing things the way we always do them. Last night on the other hand...

Every night after Gage's bath, Mat sends him out to the gate at the top of the stairs to find mommy. I head up and we meet at the gate. Braeden sometimes likes to come too. Last night I went up without pausing the TV. I figured Braeden could. He knows how. Instead he started screaming that I had to pause his cartoons. Then he was screaming because he was missing Gage. Things got a little crazy upstairs then when Gage peed on the carpet! His first time doing that. :) I used that to entice Braeden upstairs. It worked.

Maybe I'll write more about this when Gage starts going through some of this. For now, I think I'll just leave it alone and concentrate on the cuteness in my house. I've got to download pictures and video from our weekend in Charleston. I'll post all that on Braeden's blog later.

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