Monday, March 16, 2009


It took at least three tries and countless hours (of me sitting, waiting) for this video to load. I took it using my camera and learned that you have to hold the camera horizontally otherwise the video turns out sideways. So, since I held my camera vertically, I had to load the video into a movie-editing program to rotate it. Then save it as a file type youtube will comply with. Then upload it to youtube.

It was a lot of work. But I think the video is so good, I had to do it!

I shot another video yesterday afternoon that I'll try to load tonight. This time, I made sure to hold the camera the right way just so I could save myself a few of those steps.

I'm especially loving this video right now because we've had three days of rain and gray skies. I like to watch it and remember just how beautiful it was that Saturday. (I also remember how we had five inches of snow the Monday just before!)


Emily said...

Love it!! his laugh is awesome.

Me-ma said...

You have to save this video for when he's old and takes himself very seriously! How happy and cute he is with his gutter pipe and blue diaper! That is just too sweet!