Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pictures make up for not posting in a while, right?

Since I've been a lousy blogger, I'm just going to post some pictures. That's about all I'm up for, I guess.

About nine months ago I met the alumni director from HWS for lunch. She gave me a few things, including this cute tee shirt. I think it's a 24-month size but it fits perfectly now.

Sunday night we got snow and woke up Monday morning to five inches! And no power. And a snow day.

It was a really good thing we brought the snow pants and boots home from Rhinebeck at Christmas. I figured they would just hang in the closet for three years until we took them back to Rhinebeck at Christmas when Gage was four. But here we are with five inches of snow playing outside.

Braeden's favorite part of the snow was crunching the ice that had formed on the street by the curb. We'd had so much rain the day and night before the snow. There was ice on top of water and he loved to crunch through the ice into the slush.

Braeden didn't give up the boots so easily. My kid is the king of the weird outfits!

From the snow Monday to almost 80 degrees Saturday! It was so warm in the house, I put Gage down for his nap in just a diaper. When he woke up I took him outside to see Mat and Braeden. Gage had the best time playing with the drain spout and gutter.

Is he not the cutest thing??

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Me-ma said...

I love all those photos! Gage looks so much older than at Christmas. But in the photo with the downspout, I think his diaper looks bigger than Gage!! And you are definitely showing of with those warm temperatures! Good that Braeden gets some wear out of those boots too. Why not!