Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Our rain gutter at the front of the house is now Gage's MOST favorite thing! When Gage is outside on the ground he goes straight for it now. It's funny to me that he's so obsessed, even as I worry he might one day be strong enough to rip the gutter off the front of our house. Fingers crossed that sucker's on there nice and tight!

Gage has yet another cold. He's got yucky eyes, runny nose, and an intermittent temperature. And he's fussy, quick to be cranky, and pretty much wants to be held all the time. So much fun. He's at school today, but both Mat and I are prepared for a call from the day care. Braeden is, of course, perfectly fine. That kid just doesn't get sick!

He and I used to snuggle in his bed every night after bath and book time. But now he's decided he wants to snuggle in my bed instead. And he has to have a nighttime toy. Or two or three. It started out that he had to have one of my hair clips. Then it was one of my stuffed bears. Oh, and I bought a spray bottle at the grocery store last week to use when I block something I knit. Yep. It's a nighttime toy. Looks like I'm going to need to buy another spray bottle. It's the socks all over again!

We bought new shorts for the boys this weekend. Gage looked so so so cute this morning. I meant to take a picture, but we had a little drama over a broken diaper and I got distracted! Hopefully he'll come home wearing the same outfit and it won't be a disaster so I can take the picture. Or, I guess I'll have to wait until the next time he wears his super-cute new shorts and shirt. We went to Old Navy on Sunday to buy the new clothes. Mat went with Gage to the men's section to look at their clearance stuff. Mat LOVES a good $4 shirt, not as much as a free tee, but he's always really proud when he scores a bargain like that. Braeden and I went to the boy's section. He said he hated everything I picked up, so I informed him that I was done asking for his opinion and I would buy whatever I liked. Apparently I got so distracted by his bad attitude (typical from Braeden where clothes are concerned) that I picked out a $20 pair of shorts!! When Mat told me later, I almost fell over. $20?? That's more than Mat's four tee shirts cost! I don't care that Braeden tells me he hates those shorts, he's going to wear them EVERY week!

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