Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Swedish Invasion

Early this morning Emily, Jenny, and I left our husbands and boys at home to drive to Charlotte to visit our brand-new IKEA. We had such a great time! There was a little drama as we sat down to eat our swedish meatballs (yum!), but we really did have fun.

The IKEA is HUGE! We got there just after it opened, but there were already a ton of cars in the parking lot. And a whole host of people in red shirts directing traffic. It seemed crazy, but I've never had an easier time parking and shopping.

When we bought the house, I ordered some of our furniture online from IKEA--our entertainment center, bookcase, and dining room table and chairs. I love everything, and it was so easy to get the stuff over the internet. But it was nothing like shopping at one of their stores. I couldn't believe how much stuff they had. And it was all so cheap. 99 cents for a toilet bowl brush (Emily and Jenny bought those), 79 cents for a vase (Jenny bought one), and 99 cents for a potholder (we all bought that one)! We all got some great stuff...Emily wanted a table and chairs for Will and she got a really cute set. I can't wait to see him sitting there drawing pictures or eating ritz crackers. :)

I was looking for bedside tables but didn't see anything I really had to have. But I did buy a great bench, a cool vase, and a tray. And no, that vase isn't going to live that permanently. In this house, one of the boys would break it in about 12 seconds! The bench might not even stay there...but I love it, so wherever it goes, I'll be happy.

But the greatest thing I bought today was a tent for Braeden. He loves turning my couch and chair with all the pillows and blankets into a fort. I thought the tent would make a perfect fort. And I thought it might save me from having to constantly pick up the pillows and blankets. :)

I LOVE this photo of Braeden. And he loves his tent. He ate his snack and drank his juice in it this afternoon. You can close the flaps with velcro. I would close the flaps then he would run out and grab a toy and ask me to close them again. I'm so glad he loves it as much as I thought he would!

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Me-ma said...

So sweet and cute that he's in his pajamas! Another pajama day. And great that Braeden has a place of his own to hang out in.