Monday, March 23, 2009

Too cute

Braeden learned how to do the crab walk on the Tumblebus and he was showing off for us the other night. I convinced Mat to show off his walk, and the next thing I know he was giving Braeden a ride around the house!

This next video is actually a couple weeks old...I had such a hard time loading the video of Gage outside playing with the gutter that I waited a while to upload this one to youtube. Amazingly enough, these two videos loaded in just a few minutes!

Braeden always helps Mat put away the paper towels and toilet paper we buy at Costco. It looks like they have a new little helper!

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Me-ma said...

Very sweet to watch those boys hard at work!! Gage seems to be qickly learning the hang of organizing, the Mat Gendle way. Good for everyone!