Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Videos from Charleston

Here are a couple of short videos I shot while we were in Charleston. You can see a cute one of Braeden at the firehouse on his blog...

Instead of sleeping Friday night, Gage just wanted to play. Our friend Lori reminded me that he is in a pack-n-PLAY, so I shouldn't be too surprised!

And here's Braeden and Gage playing together in Camp Carolina at the SC Aquarium. There are a couple of small terrariums in the log with salamanders. There are fish in the glass tank by the stairs Gage climbs. There's even a skunk sleeping in a barrel in another part of the camp. I assume the skunk had his smelly, skunk glands removed first. :)

For the full story on our trip to Charleston, check out Braeden's blog!

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