Monday, March 23, 2009

What's been going on?

What has been going on?? Not much to blog about, it seems.

I've been having cloth diaper issues lately. I was in the kitchen one morning getting ready to leave for work and I hear Mat yell from the other room that he'd just broken one of our diapers. Since I almost always know exactly where each diaper is, my heart sank knowing he was talking about one of my favorite dipes. A GAD. A chocolate brown GAD with a baby blue inner, in fact. Luckily, CD-making moms are great about customer service. Shannon from Green Acre Designs told me to send it in and she would repair it. For free. So now I'm waiting to get it back. And when I do, I have to send in a second GAD (the blue one he's wearing in the video) for snap repair. Drama.

I'm also working on replacing my worn-out bumGenius diapers. One at a time, so it's going to take a little while. They have a one-year warranty and will replace dipes for free. Sweet! The woman e-mailed me to say they have free tab replacement kits, but I'm planning to tell her I don't sew. I want new dipes!! I just got my first replacement dipe Saturday--so thrilling.

Being down a couple of diapers and being bored with my current stash means I ordered two new dipes last month. I was missing having a stash of Thirsties, so I ordered a new sky blue one. And I also ordered a cow print happy heiny. The funny thing (to me, anyway) is that the first two diapers I ordered for Gage were a cow print happy heiny and a Thirsties. It's been almost a year since we started using cloth. Figuring eight diapers a day (a conservative estimate) over the course of 365 days means there are 2,920 less diapers sitting in a landfill because we made the switch.


On Saturday, Braeden I hopped in the car and headed to Durham. I'd been there for work earlier in the week and had time to browse a yarn shop. I bought this beautiful, soft, amazing bamboo yarn and have been knitting a gorgeous scarf with it. Unfortunately, I only bought two hanks and it's going to take three to finish. So, I invited Bray to go with me for the drive. He loves outings and I love spending time with him one-on-one. We bought the yarn first then walked up and down the street a few times. There were benches and chairs for him to sit on, dogs to give a wide berth to, a smoker to smell, and a church with steps to climb. We were going to eat an early lunch at a diner but it was PACKED with people and we didn't want to wait. Instead we went to a coffee shop for a blueberry muffin. Braeden had hot chocolate and I had an amazing mocha. We sat surrounded by Duke students working on papers and reading books and journals. I tried to keep him quiet, but he's four. He bonded with an older copy sitting on a couch, and no one shushed us or gave us dirty looks so I think we were okay. It was a great day!!

In other baby news, Gage is home today with Mat who is on spring break. No girls gone wild for my spring breaker!! Gage's temp last night was 101, and this morning it was 100.4. Mat's got a huge spring break to-do list, so hopefully this is a quick little virus that will be gone by tomorrow. Or at the latest by Thursday since we're headed to Charleston on Friday!!

We cannot wait for the weekend! And I think that's all I'm going to say about that until next week. I started typing then I began to feel weird putting so much information out there on the internet for everyone to see. After Emily's house drama, I'm just not sure I want to be so open about everything. So, check back next week to hear about our amazing weekend!

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