Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter Catch-up

I just don't have it in me to start yet another blog post whining about how I'm a bad blogger. Seriously??!! When I went looking for them, I realized just how many there are. So. I'll skip the recriminations and excuses this time and just dive in.

But I've got to say, I have no plan at all for this post. I should definitely talk about's the rest of the month of April I'm struggling to remember.

The weekend before Easter Gibsonville holds its Easter Egg Hunt. You might remember past egg hunts...actually, there's no need to try to remember since I'm just going to provide you with handy-dandy links (we watched Blue's Clues this morning, can you tell?). The first time we went to the hunt was in 2007 when Braeden was two. And oh my God, I had forgotten how cute he was then. His face was so round and his hair was so blond. And he had a great time at the hunt, except for that scary Easter bunny walking around waving to kids! We went again in 2008 and that was a disaster.

So this year I prepped the boys beforehand. We got down our eggs and let them play with them. I organized mini-hunts in the living room for Braeden (he would stand in the kitchen by the fridge while I hid the eggs), and he had a great time looking for them and putting them in his basket. We got to the park in plenty of time and looked at all the different fields they had set for the different ages. Braeden was bouncing off the walls with excitement. When they were getting ready to start, Mat and Gage headed off to the under 2 side while Braeden and I went over to his side. He was standing right at the line ready to dive in and I still thought we were going to have a great time. I had my flip in hand ready to film the action. The guy blew the airhorn and the previously adorable and mild-mannered kids turned into egg-seeking demons. They burst onto the field yelling, running, and pushing grabbing for every egg they saw. It didn't seem to matter if another kid had his hand on it already. And Braeden freaked out. We had gotten about five feet onto the field when he jumped in front of me and started pushing me back off the field screaming no. By this time (about a minute and a half after the airhorn start), the field was completely clear of eggs. I honestly don't blame him for hating the hunt. It was kinda freaky as an adult to witness what happened. Needless to say there's no video of this moment.

We headed over to the baby side and found that Gage didn't care to pick up eggs. He was far more interested in the miniature orange traffic cones they had set up to divide the field. There were two eggs over by him, so Braeden put those in his basket. Not surprisingly, neither were the special eggs but Braeden did get a few pieces of candy.

Now I don't know what to do next year. Should I take them to the egg hunt again? Or just let it go. Maybe I'll try to find a hunt that's a little lower-key, a little smaller. One with nicer kids, perhaps. :)

MeMa and P-Pa came down for Easter. Well, mostly they came down for my birthday, something they try to do every year. There was that one year just after Braeden was born that we went up there. It was right before my maternity leave ended and I went back to work. I wasn't blogging at the time, so there's no link to point you to.

Anyway, they came down Wednesday and stayed with us through breakfast on Sunday. Their visits are always terrific, and this one was no different. We ate out quite a bit (or in thanks to take-out). They cooked a turkey breast Saturday night for us while Mat took Braeden to Makena's birthday party. (That is a story for another time, trust me!) And they watched the kids for us Friday night so Mat and I could go to dinner together.

We had planned to go to PF Chang's since Mark and Jenn gave us a gift card for Christmas. When we got there, in the rain, the wait for a table was two hours. Are you kidding me? A two-hour wait for a chain restaurant?? It was Friday night, but still. So we hopped back in our car and headed over to the Green Valley Grill, one of our favorite Greensboro restaurants and the place we went for our last dinner as non-parents before Braeden was born. Where PF Chang's was packed, loud, and a little obnoxious, GVG was sedate, polished, and adult. :) We had a perfect meal: amaretto sour, salad, parmesan crusted chicken with goat cheese and mashed potatoes, and coffee for me and a salad and veal (YUCK!) for Mat.

Mom and I went shoe shopping at DSW, my new favorite place, and bought some great shoes! We played outside, they read tons of books to Braeden, played all kinds of silly games with Gage (silly games are P-Pa's specialty!), and went for a walk/bike ride. The biggest thrill for Braeden was driving home from the Olive Garden in MeMa's new Prius. When we all go anywhere together, Braeden is the one to assign people to cars. And always having to ride in my or Mat's car puts a serious crimp in his plans. Since he's in a booster seat now, it's easy to transfer it from one car to another. And he was beyond excited to ride in their car! Actually I was pretty excited to drive their car! Such a different experience from driving my Jetta...push button start, no ignition, a back-up camera (that's really impossible to use), and no noise when you're sitting at a light...FUN!

I'm sure I'm leaving lots of wonderful things out. And any pictures I took are at home. I'll probably need to wait until mom sends me some to have anything to post. I do have a family picture mom took just before they left, so I'll try to remember to add that tonight. I'll also figure out what else there is to talk about...

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Me-ma said...

What can we add to this except to agree that we always have a wonderful time visiting and it's a tradition that we hold dear! All the little details of being in your home are priceless memories for us when we are home and talking over the visit! I especially loved the movie in my mind of both Braeden and Gage standing by your front door playing and then Braeden takes off and runs full tilt to the morning room windows and Gage laughs and then takes off at his fast paced trot to catch up to see what is so facinating! It was so precious! Thanks for a lovely visit. xxxMe-ma & P-pa