Thursday, April 9, 2009


I've been hoarding a few pictures for a while, so I might as well post them now when I don't have the energy to write more than a few lines...

I love how our diapers look when I stack them after washing them. All those colors together one on top of the other. So pretty. I honestly don't think I say enough about how much I love using them. I love seeing them stacked like this. I love seeing them stuffed and lined up in the basket on the changing table. I love catching a peek of one sticking up out of Gage's pants. I love seeing one thrown in the diaper bag. I love these diapers.

There aren't many pictures of me since I'm usually the one behind the camera. I took a bunch of these the other day...I cut one of us in half in most of the pictures. It's super-hard to hold a squirming baby and take a self-portrait.

I came downstairs about a month ago to find Braeden watching TV like this:

I ♥ etsy! The vase is from the trip to Ikea I made with Emily and Jenny. And I bought these great branches with fabric leaves from two very talented women on etsy. The branches are exactly what I was looking for and are perfect in the vase. And the whole thing is perfect on my mantle.

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Me-ma said...

What a diaper tower! Very impressive! As a very occasional diaper changing Me-ma, I have to say thanks for stuffing the diapers and having them ready to rock and roll. You saw me attempt to stuff one and it wasn't pretty. Gage looks absolutely adorable in those colorful undies and you've been working to make a dent in the landfill -- thanks for that.