Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mother's Day

My Mother's Day was really more of a Mother's Day Weekend! Pretty awesome, huh??

Friday Mat picked up the boys and took them to the grocery store. I enjoy grocery shopping. Really, I do. But it's also really nice not to have to worry about schlepping over there Saturday morning with two boys in tow. They came home with a beautiful big geranium for me. I absolutely love geraniums. It's not even the flowers I love, it's the leaves. I love those ruffly, deep green leaves. And their amazing smell. Anyway, the first buds on my geranium opened today. Bright pink petals with dark, deep green leaves. So pretty!

Then I opened my Mother's Day presents that the boys had made for me at school. I loved the wrapping job they did on the gift from Braeden. Just look at those big paper flowers! I need to get a picture of Braeden and Gage with my gifts, so for now you'll just have to be satisfied with this picture of the wrapped presents.

Saturday morning I treated myself to a Mother's Day Weekend caramel macchiato, my new favorite coffee at Starbucks. Nice.

The Gendles came up Saturday afternoon, so they took Braeden for a walk while I stayed in with Gage during his nap. Then they took us to our fave Mexican place for dinner before heading back to their condo. We got delayed at the restaurant for a while thanks to a gigantic rain storm. Thunder, lightning, flickering lights, and sideways rain pounding off the pavement. I love storms like that but I was glad it happened while we were inside and not trying to drive home.

Sunday morning Mat took care of breakfast for the boys. I opened my Mother's Day cards...of course, Braeden had already told me that I was getting a Spongebob card. :) And then we headed out to brunch in Greensboro at the Village Tavern. I love brunch, so going on Mother's Day was an extra-special treat! Even with a reservation we had to wait about 20 minutes for our table. And there were more kids than high chairs, so I had to hold Gagey for 10 minutes or so, which was fine because it meant I could feed him pieces of muffin. He loved the apple-walnut muffins and ate almost two all by himself. The boys were great. Braeden had his moments but he's four and we were definitely cutting into his nap time by the time we left. But the boys ate so well. And so much. :) French toast, strawberries, melon, hash browns (Gage, not Braeden), and apple-walnut muffins.

And that afternoon we spent some time outside enjoying the beautiful day. In the background (on the left) you can see my geranium. On the right side of our stoop, you can see the herbs I bought at the festival with Misty and Braeden.

How sweet are my boys in their matching outfits??!! I tried to get a nice picture of the two of them together, but this is all I could get before Gagey tried to escape. I love that Braeden is trying to corral him for me so I can get a nice picture. He's a very good big brother and a very good little helper for me.

It was a wonderful weekend. I really do love Mother's Day. I know there are a lot of people out there who think it's ridiculous to have an arbitrary day on the calendar to celebrate moms. Or feel that we should honor the important people in our lives every day. And that's certainly true, but I still think it's a worthwhile tradition to raise our kids to think of others. And if a special day for moms and one for dads helps get that message across, what's the harm? Besides, I like to think that Mat and I do a good job of teaching this to our boys every day, so why shouldn't I get one day, scratch that, a weekend of special treatment?

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