Monday, June 29, 2009

18-month appointment

I think Gage woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning! Instead of his usual cute sounds, he was up in his crib screaming until Mat went to get him. I'm pretty sure he cried through the diaper change. What I'm certain about is that he was crying when Mat carried him to me in bed to nurse. When he's like this, he needs a few minutes to calm down on his own. Hearing all the screaming, Braeden came in to see us and I think he's the reason Gage finally calmed down. When he did, he REALLY wanted to nurse.

Mat took Braeden to school and I took Gage to the doctor for his 18-month appointment. He was great in the waiting room, a little subdued, but quietly happy. As soon as I took off his clothes for the weight check, he started crying. And he barely stopped during the hour we were there. Not that I blame him given what happened at the appointment, but it was pretty out of character for Gage.

The positive news is that he's gained two plus pounds since his last appointment and now weighs 20 lbs 13 oz. He's still in the 3rd percentile, but the doctor is happy with the amount of weight he gained in the last three months. And he's 31 inches long putting him in the 20th percentile.

After the weight check, the lab tech came in to draw blood for a repeat CBC to check Gage's iron level. Not fun. As soon as I put him down on the table, he started crying. The tech was pretty quick, and I scooped Gage back up again but it was a few minutes before he stopped crying. The paper on the table was soaked from his tears. So sad.

Gage was hot and sweaty from all the screaming; he wouldn't let me put him down. And he didn't like it when I tried to sit down and hold him, so I just stood there rocking him and singing to him. He had just settled down when the doctor came in to do the exam. We talked about his measurements and percentiles. Then she told me that his hemoglobin was finally in the low-normal range (yea!) but that she wanted us to keep giving him iron for another month. I actually didn't mind hearing this since we had just filled the prescription again and I hated the thought of wasting that money. After one more month of the iron, we need to switch over to poly-vi-sol which is an iron and vitamin supplement. Since he's now in the normal range, she said we don't need to check it again until his two-year-old appointment.

She wasn't concerned that Gage only says a few words and was glad to hear he understood us and followed directions so well. Everything else checked out fine.

When she left, the nurse came back in to give Gage two shots. He'd barely stopped crying after the exam, so getting put back down on the table was a rough moment for him. The shots are quick and then it was back in my arms. When he stopped crying so much, I got him dressed. I thought he might see that as a good sign and realize it meant we were leaving. He did stop crying, but he wouldn't lift his head off my shoulder. And he was in no mood to make nice with the woman who scheduled his next appointment. And she is a very sweet woman that I enjoy seeing when we leave (even though she always calls me Ms. Gendle).

I set up his next appointment and Braeden's for the same morning, so we can take them together. We did that last year and I thought it worked pretty well.

I dropped Gagey off at day care even though I really just wanted to take him home with me. He seemed fine. Quiet. But he toddled off to play with a scooter and didn't cry when I left.

Then, because I had promised him I would, I went down the hall to say hey to Braeden. I was looking forward to meeting his other teacher too. The kids were sitting a circle and his teacher was picking kids to start in different centers. When the kids were all at their own stations, I went in to say hi. Braeden was doing art, painting a picture of fireworks. He was VERY happy I was there and kept begging me to stay just one more minute and asking if I wanted to see him make his fireworks. And of course I did! Braeden played with my car keys and very proudly showed them off to his teacher and friends. He loves my VW push a button and the key pops up from the clicker like a switchblade. He talked practically non-stop the whole time I was in there. Just like at home. :)


Me-ma said...

yea! good news at the check up but sorry Gage didn't enjoy even the lady at the check out point!! Maybe he's just intuitive and knows all those prickly things that will happen to him at the doctor appt even before they have a chance to happen. Anyway, glad he's gained so much weight also.

Emma Jones said...

Congrats on still nursing at 18 months! Totally awesome. hope Ruby and I make it there!!!