Sunday, June 14, 2009

Braeden being Braeden

Remember the Danimals Crush Cups story? Well, here's some video of Braeden crushing things in the living room. Of course he's just wearing his underwear because that's all he's wearing in all of the pictures I take.

When he asked if we would buy him the yogurt, I wanted to run right out and buy them for him. How could you say no to that oh-so-earnest face?? We did, but it was tough. :)

So this next video...I hardly know what to say. Braeden showed me how he could put a can under the lid of the tub we store his play food in then jump on one end of it to shoot something that was resting on the other end high up in the air. Mat would have just said a fulcrum, but why use one word when you can use 25?!

Did you catch that he learned how to do this from watching Shrek?? Cute, right?

And yes. Just the underwear again. :)

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Me-ma said...

Would it be ok if Me-ma buys the danimal yogurt or is it junk food? I don't have a clue! Oh, and the Shrek catapult trick is very neat! Like that Gage is in the background doing some serious chewing too!