Monday, June 8, 2009


During the month of May I found something to distract me from knitting. Most nights I was glued to my computer hunting for diaper icons thanks to the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt. It is so addictive! This is my second, or is it third, time hunting. It's been fun each time, but this one was the best so far. Basically you visit a bunch of work-at-home-mom sites who make and/or sell cloth diapers, baby clothes, and all-natural products for mamas and babies looking for an icon. Find a certain number and you qualify for prize drawings. I found enough this time to reach the grand prize level. I thought I was done...that I had rocked the GCDH. And then they threw me a curve ball and told me to find 25 more to qualify for the ultimate grand prize. Well, I was done.

But on a few of the sites I kept coming across these great bamboo fitted diapers. Dying them didn't void the warranty, so...

Emily and I both ordered them and the dye and made plans to get together. She and Will came over to the house last weekend and we started practicing with the dye using prefolds and cheap white tees for the boys. We were much too afraid to just dive in and ruin our dipes. So worried we didn't even touch the dipes last weekend. But then I got better dye, and we got our nerve up, and here you go!

Make sure you check out Emily's blog to see the pictures of her tie dyed dipe!

And this is what happens when I take pictures around Braeden...

Here he is making his happy face:

And his surprised face (one of his newer faces):

His sad face:

And his mad face:

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