Wednesday, June 3, 2009


The day care held a graduation ceremony for the four-year-old class last week. They'll be headed to kindergarten next year. Braeden's class did the opening ceremony and sang two songs before the four-year-olds processed in wearing their white caps and gowns.

For the opening ceremony, Braeden's class walked in down the center aisle of the church each carrying a small American flag. They lined up along the front and said the pledge of allegiance. Then they chant USA a few times and cheer. It's pretty cute even for cynical old me.

When they finished up, his class was supposed to walk to the other side of the church to sit together. I was near the front on the end where Braeden could see me. As they got ready to walk to their seats I heard Braeden ask his teacher if he could go sit with me. So sweet.

The three four-year-old classes got up individually next to do little skits they'd been practicing. They were so cute to watch. Some of the kids loved being on stage and were very confident with their parts, some shouted whatever they were supposed to say, but there was one little girl who refused to speak. She wouldn't take the microphone either; she just stood there with her head down the whole time.

When they finished their skits, they headed in the back to put on their caps and gowns and Braeden's class came back out to sing their songs. They were lined up in the colors of a rainbow. Braeden was orange. We couldn't find a plain shirt so I bought one that could be turned inside out. Apparently his teacher didn't like that idea and gave Mat a hard time about it. This is the same teacher we struggled with when Braeden was a baby in her room. Whatever.

I think I did an amazing job with the video considering I was crying throughout the songs. Seeing Braeden up there singing so confidently and looking so happy just made my heart burst with pride. These are the moments when I realize he's not a baby anymore.


Emily said...

oh, wow! what a great video! good job bray and good job mama for making it through.

(p.s. i think that teacher has control issues...)

Me-ma said...

Oh my, tears are popping out of my eyes! I wish I was sitting there next to you watching that big boy Braeden -- he did a super job. Thank you for publishing the video. That was memorable!