Monday, June 29, 2009


A few pictures...

Here's Gagey in the other diaper I tie-dyed with Emily.

On the Saturday before Father's Day we went to Trader Joe's in Chapel Hill. Mat definitely wasn't impressed, but Braeden and I had a good time. They had a bunch of different kinds of cookies--chocolate animal crackers, regular animal crackers, cookies shaped like cats--but Braeden picked out these cinnamon cookies shaped like letters. I wasn't very excited about them when we bought them, but wow! They were so good! We ate them every night after dinner until they were gone. Braeden loved that I spelled out his name. I love seeing both kids' hands in the picture reaching for more cookies.

This one is just classic...this is what Braeden wears to the pool! He made his visor at school by glueing foam letters and animals on a plastic visor from some conference or something. Flip flops, sunglasses, last year's swimmy trunks (because this year's 4T pair are too big!), and an old tee shirt. Is he stylin' or what??


Me-ma said...

Loved the pool look! how handsome he is!

Me-ma said...

And, baby Gage looks very stylish in the tie-dyed diaper! Do they bleed in he wash? And his little cheeks, just right for kissing.