Friday, July 24, 2009

Lazy days of summer

Ha! I outsmarted blogger for the first time today. For some unknown (stupid) reason, blogger inserts the photos into the post in the reverse order from the way you loaded them. It's annoying. And it happens every time. So this time (finally) I added the photos in the reverse order and now I don't have to manually move them around. Yea!!

Anyway, we've been having a pretty laid back summer. There's not too much to report. Braeden and Mat went to NY for about a week to visit Grandma and Grandpa Gendle at their farmhouse leaving Gagey and me home alone. They had a great time at the farm and I know Gagey and I had fun in our quiet house while they were gone.

For the most part we've just been hanging out. I think our kitchen stool became a chair/race car one day when it got knocked over accidentally. And now (to my utter dismay) the stool spends more time in this position than it does upright.

Gage is big enough now that he can climb in and out by himself. He's got really good balance for being so young. :)

Braeden came back from NY with this ball (thanks, MeMa) and both boys love it.

Braeden likes to outfit the stool with a pillow from the living room. Then he flips through Mat's bug book looking for his favorites (the walking stick, the water measurer, and some kind of fly with spikes on it).

And what can I say about this picture?? He's just such a beautiful kid! Big blue eyes and always with a smile.

I've got lots more pictures at home to post, so I'll try to do that this weekend.


Emma Jones said...

So cute! And I ALWAYS do that with pics on blogger... Grrrr.

Me-ma said...

love all the photos! How smart those 2 boys are and a good use of furniture! Can you send a couple of those photos to me via e-mail?