Thursday, July 9, 2009

Water Play

Gagey's class has started water play once a week. We had to get him a swimmy suit ($5 on sale from Old Navy!!) and a pair of water shoes. He was pretty confused about the shoes the first time we put them on him. He kept looking at them. And holding his feet up to us like he wanted us to take them off, as if us putting him in the shoes was some kind of mean trick. I think he's gotten used to them now. And I'm sure he's loving water play. When Braeden was Gagey's age, the teachers in his room took pictures of the kids at water play and gave them to us at the end of the year. I really, really hope Gagey's teacher is doing the same thing.

Maybe I ought to call her and suggest it...

His swimmy suit has a big octopus on it. Not exactly what I would have picked out, but again, $5!

Here you can see what's left of Gagey's black eye. He fell forward on a toy in the kitchen a couple weeks ago and banged his eye. Mat thinks it made him look tough. :)

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Me-ma said...

Octopus boy! Very spiffy. Hope he enjoys the water play!